Monday, June 5, 2017

The Broken Normal


Yes, what Kathy Griffin did was horrible, but it’s the “butt” of her joke that is clearly to blame. After all, the most powerful man in the world is far more capable of setting the tone of our public discourse than any comedienne. And he did not just set the bar too low, he shattered all relevant norms. In the process he undermined not only the security of his country, but global security as well. And he is still at it 144 characters at a time. Indeed, the word is mightier than the sword especially when filled with hate and pretentiousness.

Beati Trumperes Spiritu

The Broken Universe

Some Cosmic figure seems to have caught on to the recent trend of sticking googly eyes on broken things.

The Eager Pupil 


  1. It is me Howie...

    Too bad about Trump...even at times when I agree with him, he is a buffoon,an attention seeking child and kind of a bore.

    I like your one line "he could set the tone"...and he chooses to play silly games instead.

    With Griffin...I would have been impressed with him if he merely would have said something along the line of "A bit over the top honey, don't you think". It's American ShockJock humor that was really not funny...and I love trashy humor.

    I think that is one of my biggest problems with Trump, though I have other problems. Like many presidents, and he has been the worst since Nixon in terms of firing people up against each other, he has not shown a style that he is president of the United States, not of select groups and in a democracy, you need to respect and listen to folks you disagree with...unless they are inciting violence etc.

    It is sad.

    1. This is indeed very sad. We keep waiting and hoping for a president who will rebuild American credibility, only to get someone who manages to be even worse.


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