Saturday, May 27, 2017


In Brussels, the President had a rude awakening, but he kept his eyes shut all through it, so it didn’t count.

In Taormina, he stood tall and proud, when it finally hit him: the significance of it all.

But while the father might have been impressed with his son’s accomplishment had he still been alive, his peers treated him more as an object of amusement.

And sometimes, as a reason for concern.

Indeed, his interactions with other G7 leaders were not that positive. 

And, as time went by, he could no longer hide his jealousy of Justin Bieber Biedeau Trubeau Trudeau.

Indeed, at one point, Merkel had to step in to prevent things from escalating.

Fed up, he took it all on Melania, as usual.

Then he engaged in some locker room talk with African leaders, because that’s the kind if man he is.

Meanwhile, General HR McMycredibilitycannotsinkanyfaster continued to engage in serious brownnosing activities, for the sake of the nation of course.

On a different note, and as Secretary Tillerson turned his back on an old tradition, Muslim Americans are feeling more excluded than ever, and many are dreaming of better times.  

For while this sad story was buried in the shuffle for most Americans, for Muslim Americans, it hit home.


The Kushner: A new type of cushioning devices originally designed to soften the blows of fate against one’s increasingly fragile ego and to help hide a certain dirty family secret. Having failed to live up to its original intent, however, the device is now used exclusively for decorative purposes, if ever.

Trümperdämmerung: An American saga that recounts the last days of a dynasty of racist charlatans as they fall from a state of contrived grace into the Shitbin of History.    

The Shitbin of History: An ever enlarging receptacle for the worst in us: ideas and people.  

The Fatican: A restaurant chain specialized in serving such international dishes as the Potizza and Merkelkraut.

White Ramadan: A mythical time of year when all things are fine; not perfect, fine.

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