Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Merkelemma

Following the conclusion of the G7 meeting, German Chancellor Angela Merkel had a lot on her mind.

Having stumbled on this brilliant idea, she rushed back to Germany with an important announcement to make to the German people, as well as all citizens of the EU.

But American microbreweries were not the only source of danger that Europe had to worry about, Merkel noted.

Having effectively dispensed her public duty, Merkel felt that she could rest easy for a little while.

 Meanwhile, Putin was up to no good.


The Merkelemma: A choice between two differently shitty alternatives that inspires a strong leader to step in and actually transform bad shit into good beer.

Terrorist Attacks: Hate crimes committed by non-white non-Christian individuals and groups.

Hate Crimes: Terrorist attacks perpetrated by white Christian individuals and groups.

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