Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Shoes, Lies and Covfefe

“As if the shoddy shoes they make and the obvious lies they peddle were not enough, now, to boot, and oh yes, the pun was freaking intended, we have to deal with this covfefe of theirs.” –Julius Caesar addressing the Roman Senate moments before his assassination. He was never given the chance to explain what he meant by “covfefe” which to date remains one of the most enigmatic literary references in the annals of history, but he is believed to have been ironically speaking about the threat posed to Rome by the greed and hubris of some of its leaders.

The Wooing of Angela

Upon hearing news of a possible breakup between Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Donald Trump, leaders from far and wide rushed to plead their case to the always eligible German enchantress.

First came the usual suspect: Putin the Relentless.

Now, as we all know, Putin has been at it for years now.

But Angela has never been able to trust him, not one bit. That does not augur well for Putin’s new endeavors.

So, does this mean that India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi have a chance? Some say that his classical approach may not actually gel with Angela’s no nonsense mentality.

For his part, Chinese President Xi Jinping, tried a more business-like approach which seemed to resonate well with Angela.

Albeit, some of the promises he made over a romantic business dinner seemed in need of further exploration.

But the real stickler here is the fact that Trump is not actually going away, and the rumors about the breakup seem to have been greatly exaggerated. After all, the man still apparently believes that fair Angela is indeed “fairly unbelievable.” One does not quote EMF lightly.


The Covfefe Trilogy: A saga by famed American author John Watchhisbeck consisting of three parts: East of Covfefe, Return to Covfefe and Covfefe 2020. The saga follows the misadventures of a misogynist and racist patriarch whose ambitions and shenanigans wrought havoc on his native land and the world beyond.

Ivanka’s Shoes: A novel by a Chinese author and dissident writing under the penname Hu On Last. Hu employs gallows humor to explore the dark side of certain Chinese-American joint business ventures.

The Backchannel: An investigative work by Russian Journalist Yuri Bugonwallov into the inner workings of the Kremlin/FSB sponsored secret international porn outlets that have managed to snare quite a few Western public figures catching them in certain kompromating positions.

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