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Schooled & Merkeled

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The Whataboutist Society of North America and Outlying Districts: We never let you forget about the assholery of others, or your own.

Your pussy-grabbing days are over!

A Deliricum of Wisdom

Every passing day it seems, the U.S. commits more and more resources to the fight against ISIS. This was all too predictable. In fact, it was predicted by most Syrian activists way back in 2011 as they lobbied, in vain, for early U.S. intervention to stand up to the brutalities of the Assad regime and prevent the conflict from escalating. The U.S. is intervening now, but rather than making friends, it’s mostly making enemies, rather than having a clear end-game, it now has to keep managing the emerging mess almost indefinitely as it gets more complicated and more intertwined with other conflicts out there, from Yemen to Ukraine. Yet, there’s something about all this that is typically American. And as the old Irish proverb goes: plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

The Delirynth

Going Dutch just got a new meaning: Anti-Muslim And Anti-EU Nationalist Geert Wilders Just Got Crushed In The Dutch Elections. “Liberal and pro-EU parties handed the far-right Party for Freedom a humbling loss as it won fewer seats than in 2010, according to projections.”

Still, and as Benjamin Ward argues, “the biggest risk to Europe today is arguably not the prospect of radical right populists in power, which has so far been limited, but their outsize influence on mainstream policymakers.” Indeed. The threat of populism is far from over.

Meanwhile, Going Trump remains attached to its original meaning signifying having a rather shitty attitude towards one’s friends and allies.

White House: No apology to British government over spying claims. “White House press secretary Sean Spicer flatly denied Friday that the White House apologized to the British government after citing an uncorroborated Fox News report to allege that a UK intelligence agency spied on President Donald Trump at the behest of former President Barack Obama.” The allegation were ridiculed by NSA Deputy Director Richard Ledgett.

Donald Trump uses Twitter to hit out at Germany after Angela Merkel meeting. “The visit was a test of Mr Trump's foreign policy vision as he welcomed a leader who not only represents Europe's biggest economy, but has emerged as the most visible advocate of the post-World War II international order.”

Having been outfoxed by the German Chancellor who knew how to rein him in, Mr. Trump couldn’t wait until she left before he took to Twitter by way of compensation.

But and as a result of his tweets, which “suggest that President [Still] doesn’t know how NATO works,” Ivo Daalder, the former U.S. permanent representative on NATO, had to take the President to school in a series of Tweets instructing him on hos NATO works, beginning with the gentle reminder “Sorry Mr President, that’s not how NATO works,” and including the harsher reminder: “no funds will be paid to the US … Europe must spend more on defense, but not as favor (or payment) to the US. But because their security requires it.

Mr. Trump had been schooled earlier as well by the visiting Irish PM on the issue of immigrations.

But, being Trump will keep falling back on a certain old tactic, albeit, one not usually associated with being American:

Trump Embraces One Of Russia's Favorite Propaganda Tactics — Whataboutism“a simple rhetorical tactic heavily used by the Soviet Union and, later, Russia. And its use in Russia helps illustrate how it could be such a useful tool now, in America. As Russian political experts told NPR, it's an attractive tactic for populists in particular, allowing them to be vague but appear straight-talking at the same time.”

This should not come as a surprise, however, seeing how much affinity Trump and his advisers have developed to certain emerging and all too Russian mental habits, especially that of exhibiting being brilliant neurotic and ultimately self-destructive madness.

The One Russian Linking Putin, Erdogan and Trump. “He’s seen as a brilliant philosopher, but brilliance and madness are very close to each other.”

Those Trumps think they can take anything they want!

As such, it’s no wonder that favoritism and nepotism are becoming more and more entrenched:

And while the President and his family are entitled to our protection, at a time when the President is effectively and actively pushing what amounts to be an austerity budget, one wonders if it’s not time he began leading by example and adopting certain changes in his lifestyles: Facing soaring costs, Palm Beach officials ask Trump to pay up.

Elsewhere in this bedlam world of ours…

The bonds of Fascist brotherhood keep growing stronger between an actual genocidal maniac and a wannabe genocidal maniac.

David Duke Heaps Praise On Syrian Dictator In Bizarre Series Of Tweets. “This is what true love, loyalty looks like,” he tweeted, along with a photo of Bashar Assad and his wife surrounded by children.”

Meanwhile, the Syrian keeps posing a challenge to more and more actors. But, for whatever reason, understanding the desired endgame of the various actors involved and differentiating pawns from queens remain difficult to certain “experts:”

Hizbollah’s Syria Conundrum. “Four years after plunging into Syria’s civil war, Hizbollah has achieved its core aim of preserving the Assad regime. Yet with no clear exit strategy, the Lebanese “Party of God” faces ever greater costs unless it can lower the sectarian flames, open dialogue with non-jihadist rebel groups and help pave the way for a negotiated settlement.”

Indeed, this report misses the point behind Hezbollah’s, rather, Iran’s intervention in Syria. Neither party is looking for an exit here. On the contrary, what they have wanted from the very beginning of their involvement in the conflict is to further entrench themselves, and have been pursuing their goal by any means necessary, including by mounting “strategic” ethnic cleansing campaigns in different parts of the country. A spillover of the conflict into Lebanon might be welcome by them at one point, since they are better positioned to take advantage of any unrest there than any other groups with the goal of enacting changes to the Lebanese demographic map as well.

Moreover, it really boggles the mind to keep discussing Hizbollah as though it has an independent decision-making mechanism from that of Iran’s leadership, as though it is not a proxy that it almost wholly owned by Iran at this stage: the country that established it, keeps funding it and supplies it with arms, training and ideology. Indeed, the authors of the study are willing to acknowledge that “Hizbollah cannot change course in Syria without Iran’s agreement, yet pays high and mounting costs for its intervention,” what point is there behind treating it as though it were an independent entity. When they say that “Hizbollah has its own agenda, so needs its own political strategy,” that seems more like an aspirational statement than statement of facts as they exist today. And it’s a rather foolish aspiration at that. The idea is wish upon a star, not a pile of shit.

These experts will have to go to bed without having their Syrian chocolates:

A Family Of Syrian Refugees Have Launched Canada’s Hottest Chocolate Company. “Peace by Chocolate is bringing a taste of Damascus to Nova Scotia—and they can barely keep up with demand.”

But experts are more tuned to Iran’s calculations than others: 

In Syria, Iran sees necessary war. “Six years into the crisis in Syria, Iran sees the outcome of the conflict as shaping the new Middle East. It was Iran’s first overt foreign intervention in decades, one that some Iranian ideologues have called a war for existence. Iranian officials say it spared the Islamic Republic from having to fight a similar war within its own borders… Today, just as when Iran decided to enter Syria, the Islamic Republic continues to believe that compromising Damascus is akin to giving up Tehran — and that whatever the price of the war, it will never exceed the cost of losing it.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. keeps undermining its position in the Syrian Conflict, and losing any goodwill it might still have on the ground, despite the fact that it has invested in supporting humanitarian aid programs there more than all other countries combined.

Indeed and while, the US military denies the recently reported mosque hit, Bellingcat, who has done a rather excellent job investigating similar incidents in the past, with most such incidents often perpetrated by Russia and the Assad regime, just confirmed that the US is indeed responsible for “Aleppo Mosque Bombing” on the basis of their thorough investigation of all available evidence, including images and videos taken on the scene.

True, civilian casualties are often unavoidable when conducting airstrikes, but having done little to stop the Assad killing machine that has been targeting civilians since 2011, the U.S. now finds itself inadvertently joining the war against the civilian population of Syria. This is the price for the Obama administration’s short-sightedness in regard to the Syrian Conflict. It’s not clear that the Trump’s administration can change course now without getting much more involved.


31 Killed When Airstrike Hits Refugee Boat Near Yemen's Coast. Why and how did this happen? And until when will this disaster in Yemen be allowed to unfold? 

US, Sudan resume military ties after 24-year hiatus. But Sudanese President, Omar Bashir, still wanted by ICC for war crimes in Darfur.

ЯeveЯsed Polarity (ЯP)

Trump's 'Irish proverb' claimed by Nigerian poet. “A Nigerian man has told CNN he was surprised to learn that US President Donald Trump had read a few lines of his poetry at an event marking St. Patrick's Day on Thursday. "My sister just brought the news to me. I didn't want to believe what she said initially," Albasheer Adam Alhassan, a Nigerian banker who wrote the poem in college, said. "I posted those things when I was back in school, over 10 years ago. I never thought it would get to this level." "Maybe I shouldn't have been a banker, maybe I should have been a poet all my life!" Alhassan added. The poetry enthusiast, who lives in Katsina, is a business manager at First Bank of Nigeria.”

For his next trick, Mr. Trump will quote the Quran referring to it as the Kama Sutra.

The Deliricon

The Ryan Shtick: A shitty thing that a shithead has to constantly do on behalf of so many cowardly shits in order to garner their continued support of his position despite his deeply shitty nature. Also known as the MitchMac Hack.

The KushBan Conspiracy: An endeavor spearheaded by certain members of the Trump Inner Circle to install a Deep State structure where none currently exists. To detract attention from their efforts, and in a cynical cooptation of a classic Russian disinformation tactic, the conspirators often speak of their continuous struggle against an illusory Deep State that is undermining the work of the Trump Administration.  

The RasDugin: A Russian fairytale figure similar in some respects to Father Frost, except that he often appears dressed as a clown at national rallies commemorating the dying of innocence, reason and decency, where he gets to agitate the crowd with his popular refrain “Kill, Kill, Kill.”

The Dutch Thing: Doing the Dutch thing has recently become a synonym for doing the right and decent thing, like not rewarding a racist with a high government position despite increasing populist pressures. The saying entered popular Western discourse soon after a large majority of Dutch electors voted in favor of castrating the folk figure known as Orange Pete. Observers of Dutch politics hope that people there will soon decide to assign the other controversial Dutch folk figure known as Black Pete to the same dustbin of history seeing that the two Petes tend to play on the same racist sentiments.

The Merkeling: An old German pickling process involving pigs shit and stale beer. Although the end product, the Merkelkraut, was only meant to be used as animal feed booster during food shortages, and never for human consumption, certain restaurants catering to the rich and infamous are known to often feature it as a special delicacy. Indeed, in the United States, the Trump family seems to have a monopoly on Merkelkraut distribution and it is often found on the menus of Trump-owned restaurants. In political parlance, the term refers to letting certain decrepit political figure stew in their own fetid juices until the moment comes and they are unceremoniously dumped into that old dustbin of history. The invention of the Merkelkraut is attributed to a distant ancestor of German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Helmut Merkel is considered a German folk hero and is often publicly toasted during Oktoberfest, seeing that his invention has often helped German farmers stay afloat during economic hard times. It’s the rise of Mrs. Merkel as a public figure that gave the term Merkeling its modern political connotation. But, while Mrs. Merkel’s list of merkeled political foes keeps growing the Chancellor herself seems to have long adopted a rather “meh” attitude about the whole thing.

The Exotic Observations & Propositions of Delirian Mundi

* You can lie and insult your way to the bottom just as easily as you lied and insulted your way to the top.

The Cauldron

Theatrum Deliria

Faustus, Reimagined

A new post-post-post-post-modern take on an old classic brought to you by: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, in cooperation with a number of ghost writers.

Faustus Reimagined: Act 1 – Scene III
Donny Trump
So Mephastophilis, has your Boss accepted my offer? Will he help me get an 8-year lease on the White House?
My Boss instructs me to tell you that he can get your foot in the door. Once there, you will have to start negotiating the specific lease terms.
Donny Trump
And for this he’d want my soul in return? Sounds unfair.  
Oh no, Donny, come on. We all know you have no soul to barter with. What my boss wants is really much simpler than that. He just wants you to praise him, as often as you can, and, then, just be yourself. Your arrogant, narcissistic and cretinous self.
Donny Trump
That’s all
That’s all.
Donny Trump
Well, then, done. Tell your boss we have a deal. My dear Mephastophilis I feel this is going to be the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship.
Yeah, yeah. Beautiful indeed. And, by the way, when we’re talking face-to-face, you don’t have to call me by my code name. Just call me Sergei, and kiss my fucking yak.
© Ammar Abdulhamid , 2017

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