Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Shmucking About Blindly

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Department of Shmuckery: A top secret branch of the secret world government tasked with manipulating the prevailing levels of global stupidity in a manner that allows for maximization of control over global developments while ensuring the survival and progress of the human species. Positions are always available. Only shmucks need apply.

Theatrum Deliria

The Frogs – A comedy by Aristophanes.
Reviewed by Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Aristophanes' Frogs, The Cambridge Greek Play 2013. Photo (c) Nick Rutter 
“First, we think that all / the citizens should be made equal, and their fears removed...Next I say that no one in the city should be disenfranchised.”
Chorus Leader, 62

Dangerous and subversive ideas. Something Pussy Riot would gladly sing, and that should tell you something. I say: off with his head.
Indeed. He’s clearly a CIA plant. What’s governance without fear? Also, some people, once enfranchised, will surely seek independence. Delete this entire scene.

“Why, it's like nirvana / whenever I curse my master behind his back!”
Slave to Pluto, 65

Spoken like a true member of the patriotic opposition. Ridicule us behind our back, but show us fear and obedience where it counts. I like his attitude.
I find it bizarre that you do, Vladdie. Showing irreverence to your legitimate autocratic rulers, even if behind their backs, is no less subversive than public dissidence. After all, there is really no patriotic opposition. The leader is right even when he’s not, and his person is sacred even if he behaved in a profane manner. Either this or chaos.
You know what’s your problem Erdo baby? You lack a sense of humor. You should go shirtless in public more often, that should help you relax a little, and learn how to take yourself less seriously.
I prefer to take Aristophanes more seriously. Now, let’s focus. The play is almost done, and it’s about time. Too long for a comedy if you ask me. Especially a Greek one.

But the poet has a special duty to conceal / what's wicked, / not to stage it or teach it.
Aeschylus, 82

Tell that to the Pussy Riots girls. They’re busy scandalizing me all over the place.
Now Vladdie, where s your sense of humor.
Fuck you! And watch me kick your ass in Syria, you pig.
So much for yours sense of humor. As for the play, I wouldn’t give it more than is three guillotines and a khazouq (impalement pole). The gift of comedy is not a gift the Greeks should carry anyway.


Sheikh Qais Al-Khazali, the Iraqi the secretary general of the Shiite group Asaib

Notorious Iraq militia leader once held by US threatens Americans on the battlefield. No amount of cooperation with Iran or support to the Shia militias will erase the past or how people perceive it. The hatred of America is endemic.


Putin’s Mercenaries

Revealed: Russia's 'Secret Syria Mercenaries'. Sky News speaks to men who claim they were trained and flown on Russian military planes to assist troops loyal to Bashar al Assad. From Syria to eastern Ukraine, Putin’s hybrid war continues to evolve. 


Where are the hashtags for the Pakistan hospital attack? Lack of response to bombing criticised on Twitter. Some lives matter more than others. But who’s to blame here, rather who should bear a greater share of the blame? Western racism? Or the policies and behavior of the ruling elites in certain countries? In this case, what is the government of Pakistan doing to make Pakistani lives matter on the global level?


Donald Trump: Keep Your Hands Off the Foreign-Policy Ideas I Believe In. “The GOP candidate is talking up three important and sensible ideas about America’s role in the world. And he’s going to ruin them.” In which Stephen Walt unwittingly admits that Trump’s foreign policy will come as a logical extension of Obama’s realism that facilitated genocide and global impunity. On foreign policy issues, it’s Trump that’s running for Obama’s third term.

12:38 pm

Syrian boxer refuses to compete against Israeli, quits boxing tournament. This is in a nutshell the perennial problem of modern-day Syrians and Arabs in general: the willingness to sacrifice achievement or the possibility of achievement for the sake of empty symbolism.

The gesture becomes emptier when we consider the reason given for the refusal and juxtapose them against current realities. “I can't shake his hand or compete against him while he represents Zionist regime that kills Syrian people.

Of course, the athlete never really had a choice in the matter. Decisions like these are made by the head of the Athletic Union in Syria, that is, an employee of the Assad regime. Boycotting Israel at all levels is the official policy of Syria.

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