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CSI: Syria – It’s a great fuckup all right!

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When the Western world is resolved to absorb the costs associated with intervening in the conflict in Syria and imposing peace on its combatants, then the tears shed for Omran will be more than just emoting. For now, the Western world is simply seeking to soothe its conscience for prioritizing its own insularity over the lives of the innocent.


As the Atlantic Council’s Faysal Itani told me, for the Middle East, for Europe, and for the world, there appears to be no end in sight. “As it turned out, Syria became a bloody disgrace to the international community. We'll never know what would have happened had the US engaged with the opposition, pressured Assad, or done anything else. But the fact is this was never given any consideration in the first place. A position was taken, evidence was either ignored or spun, and external expertise was actively ridiculed.”


Crime Scene Investigation: Syria

Every day brings new complications to the Syrian crime/war scene:

Today, Kurdish YPGs and regime forces keep battling in Hassakeh, as YPGs are ow said to seek wrest control of entire city, while Turkey bombs Daesh stronghold in Jarablous, and YPGs newly-acquired city of Manbij. The understanding between turkey and the U.S. that has allowed for YPGs to fight IS/Daesh in northern Syria stipulates that YPGs forces should evacuate cities like Manbij and Jarablous shortly after their liberation allowing for the local councils to govern. YPGs forces have so far refused to depart Manbij.

Meanwhile, Russia says it suspended its strikes on Syria from Iranian bases, probably to give Iranian officials the chance to absorb domestic fallouts from this policy, and Jay Solomon of the Wall Street Journal says that “Iran threatened to pull out of nuclear talks if U.S. started hitting Assad forces in Syria.”

So, and as many Syrians have contended for years, allowing for the ongoing mass slaughter in Syria was the price the Obama administration agreed to pay in order to get the coveted deal with Iran. No wonder, Obama’s head has turned white. At some deep level, he must understand the horror of what he had done. Or, at least, that’s what he wants us to believe.


The similarities between the Corbyn and Trump phenomena are disguised by the almost comic differences between the two politicians. Mr Corbyn primly insists that he “doesn’t do” personal abuse; Mr Trump does almost nothing else. The Labour leader is most at home in his allotment garden; Mr Trump’s natural environment is a penthouse suite. Mr Corbyn is on the far-left. Mr Trump is on the far-right. Mr Corbyn is an internationalist; Mr Trump is a nationalist. But, despite these differences, the two leaders have quite a lot in common. Both are “anti-system” politicians. Both have seized control of their parties by mobilising new groups of activists and voters. The Trump and Corbyn activists despise their parties’ old-guards and often have an undercurrent of violence in their rhetoric. […]

Instead of introducing creative new ideas, Messrs Corbyn and Trump have merely succeeded in recycling some bad old ones: state control of the economy in the case of Mr Corbyn; and America-first isolationism in the case of Mr Trump. These two individuals may never gain real power. But their rise to prominence is a sign of a real sickness in British and American democracy.

Both men won’t rush to help a NATO ally. Both admire Putin.


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Speaking out of one’s ass seems to be a Trump family trait: Eric Trump blames Syrian refugees for 15 years of wage stagnation.

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