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Barrel Bombs Keep Falling On My Head

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The International Dead Children Parade: Celebrating global indifference to mass slaughter with glazed eyes.  


A new entry into the Holy Deliricon:

(The) Hussein Bolt: A fast-paced maneuver deployed by high-ranking government officials as they try to reverse course and renege on a certain moral obligation to which they had earlier committed. The maneuver usually includes much hand-wringing, righteous indignation and countless attempts at showcasing intellectual superiority.


“A suicide bomber aged 12 to 14 blew himself up,” he said. “We know that Daesh has been trying to gain ground in Gaziantep for a while now.” He did not say what evidence pointed to Islamic State, and no group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. Turkey is also battling a domestic insurgency from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, better known by its Turkish acronym, PKK, but the fact that this attack occurred at a Kurdish event largely removed any suspicion from that group.


The film-maker Waad Al Katib is in Aleppo, to document the suffering of its people caught up in the siege and under regular bombardment. 

This film focuses on one woman - Mayissa - who, at nine months' pregnant, was injured in one of those airstrikes. But it features, too, the phenomenal dedication and skill of the ill-equipped doctors and nurses in the city's hospitals - who battle to save both her, and her baby's life.




Few Thousand Omrans Ago

Barry Dennen as Pontius Pilate, Jesus Christ Superstar

Few thousand Omrans ago, we were told that no matter how many thousands Omrans there will be, America will never put boots on the ground. Now, we have few hundreds of U.S. troops on the ground in Syria and Iraq trying to fight a threat that didn’t even exist back then. The next American president will need up sending more. Many more, and not only to the Levant.

If the lesson some Americans have learned from the Iraq debacle is not to put American troops on the ground even when certain recently established international norms are at stake, such as those demanding the protection of civilian populations, including thousands of Omrans, from the violence perpetrated by their rogue governments, then, they have learned the wrong lesson, and have done America and the world a great disservice. This is the wrong the red line to impose upon oneself, as it cripples your ability to deal effectively with emerging challenges, allowing for mass slaughter to take place with impunity, for complex proxy wars in which all sorts of internationally banned weapons to become the norm again, and for terrorist groups to become more than JV teams.

America has been policing the world for decades not for altruistic reasons but in pursuit of its own security and interests. Maintaining certain international norms was deemed important for the wellbeing of Americans and not only the peoples directly impacted. For when these norms are allowed to collapse, or so the thinking goes, the potential fallouts will not be restricted to certain regions and peoples.

Nothing has really changed in this regard. In fact, this ethos seems more relevant today, considering our hyper-connectivity, than it has ever been before. Violence is a highly infectious disease. Mass violence in a hyper-globalized world is exponentially more so. For America’s leaders to watch mass murder as it unfolds in Syria and elsewhere and to simply wring their hands in a fake show of despair and helplessness undermines American values, ideals and norms in the minds of domestic audiences ad not only peoples abroad. The likely price will not be restricted to a show of political populism, and will likely assume more violent forms soon.


All people, including non-burkini Muslim women, should have freedom of choice. Muslim women who opt to wear ordinary swimming costumes only want to enjoy the simple pleasure of feeling the sea waves caressing their skin and touching their hair, without external judgment of their morals or religious beliefs. Once the concept of equality and diversity is accepted in Muslim countries, it will empower Muslims to defend the burkini in Western countries. Let’s be frank: prejudice in this context originated within the Muslim communities, and will never be solved until Muslims truly embrace freedom for all, and not just for burkini-wearing women.


Ex-president Saleh offers 'all Yemen's facilities' to Russia. Because, why not? The Brotherhood of Mass Murdering Assholes.


The Other Syrians

Photo: Giorgos Moutafis

This is Husaida, a Syrian refugee rescued by the Spanish NGO Proactiva and the crew of Astral 40KM off the coast of Libya.


Some of the victims of the infamous Ghoutah Chemical Weapons attack conducted by the Syrian regime on August 21, 2013

139 Chemical attacks in Syria after Security Council Resolution 2118. And yes CNN, we actually do know who’s behind them: the Assad regime.

The deal that Obama accepted instead of punishing the Assad regime for the Ghoutah Chemical Weapons attack, a deal of which he is so proud, is akin to taking some of the weapons used by a serial killer in exchange for keeping him free to keep on killing by other means. Yet even this “limited” objective could not be attained, and the killer I still using some of his old wepoans, which he has retained, albeit on a smaller scale. 

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