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Clockwork Orange Redux

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Clockwork Orange Redux: In this reimagining of the 1971 dystopian crime film cult classic by Stanley Kubrick, a wave of delirium is sweeping across the world facilitating the rise of a consummate narcissistic megalomaniac asshole on the global stage vying to become the leader of the free world. The menacing creature’s unlikely rise seems to be aided, rather than hampered, by his dramatic penchant to make nonsensical and outrageous declarations as regular as clockwork, keeping himself in the news and in center of all attention, and dividing humanity into a for and against camp, where his person is the issue, and not any of the myriad conflicts threatening the world. Now playing everywhere in real time. Director: Lucifer. Executive Producer: Vladimir Putin. Cast: Donald Trump as Alex DeLarge, AKA, the Orange Menace; Hillary Clinton as the sentient computer program developed by American scientists as a last ditch effort to take down the Orange Menace and save the day; and members of Morons Anonymous who actually think that the world has a third alternative.



“Yes, he said this.” Episode: 104


The Other Syrian 

Rio Olympics 2016: Syria refugee Rami Anis relishes 'Olympic' dream. Much attention has been paid to Yusra Mardini, and deservedly so, but we should not forget about Rami Anis, another Syrian refugee, and a fellow member of the Refugee Swim Team, who, too, has a heart of gold and is busy building his Olympic chops.


US: 45,000 Islamic State taken off Iraq, Syria battlefields. Taken off Syria/Iraq field and sent to Libya/Sub-Saharan Africa fields. There are a variety of ways in which you can cook or spin the truth. 


A full military funeral will be held for Zewail in Cairo next week. It’s a high honor usually reserved for senior military figures. But the way to truly honor Ahmed Zewail is to make his vision for a different kind of Egypt come true.


Why Not?

New Putin Invasion Coming This Summer. “Moscow says it’s sticking to a ceasefire agreement. Meanwhile, it’s piling up troops and weapons for something that doesn’t look so peaceful.

The war in Ukraine may have faded largely from international headlines, but Vladimir Putin’s drip-drip invasion continues. In the last two weeks, forensic evidence, some of which has been reported by monitor organizations and senior Western diplomats, the rest corroborated by eyewitness photography and video, only confirms what the U.S. fears most: A summer offensive is inevitable.

The partial ceasefire was announced in Moscow by Lt Gen Sergei Rudskoi of the Russian Military General Staff
Syria war: Russia announces partial Aleppo ceasefires. Of course, they want to give pro-Assad mercenaries, including Russian mercenaries, and sectarian militias a chance tore group. Meanwhile, they will focus on bombing the hell out of Saraqib and Idlib and other towns where moderate rebels are still eking out an existence.


Out of NATO and into the frying pan: Turkey signals joint defense plan with Russia. “Foreign minister says NATO member will establish military, intelligence system.

ANKARA, TURKEY - AUGUST 10: Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu speaks to journalists at Anadolu Agency in Ankara, Turkey on August 10, 2016. (Raşit Aydoğan: Anadolu Agency)

If Turkish and Russians authorities think that they can trust each other they will soon learn the hard way that how a long history of deep animosity cannot be wished away by the autocrats in charge.




How to deal with refugees: How Finland is Turning the Refugee Crisis Into a Brain Gain. “Finland based NGO Startup Refugees is offering asylum seekers the support necessary to launch their startups.

How not to deal with refugees: Nauru detention centre: Abuse and trauma reports leaked. “More than 2,000 leaked reports detail widespread abuse and trauma among children and women at Australia's offshore detention centre for asylum seekers on the Pacific island of Nauru.


Nobody’s Stooges: Anti-aircraft missiles could be a game-changer in Syria. “Syrian rebels are frequently portrayed as US-armed western stooges. The truth couldn't be more different, as Washington denies opposition fighters the weapons needed to protect lives, writes Michael Karadjis.

14: 34
The Exotic Observations & Propositions of Delirian Mundi
Known to those of his followers seeking his canonization and entry into the Valtheon of Deliriology, as Agnus Mundi, and to his detractors as Ranae Dei and even Capra Satanae, Delirian Mundi’s writings, mixing satire and philosophical reflections, continue to be polarizing, inspiring both adulation and ridicule. Bearing this in mind, we, the editors at DDGD, continue to publish these previously unknown series of “exotic observations and propositions,” as Delirian himself referred to them, as part of our continuing commitment to instigate debate over sensitive issues.

People who need a common enemy to be united rather than a common vision for their shared destiny will end up devouring each other even before the enemy is defeated.

12:22 pm

“Yes he said this.”

Trump's Second Amendment remarks are his latest dangerous falsehoods. In the video of the speech, the reaction of the people sitting in the rows behind Trump makes clear how clear his implication was. If it was that obvious for Trump’s supporters, it’s obvious for the whole world.

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