Thursday, July 28, 2016

Betrayal with Panache

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Putinistas for Trump: we may not believe the hour is nigh, but we really want you to.

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Unexploded AO-2.5RT/RTM submunitions collected after cluster munitions struck the outskirts of Termanin village, Idlib, on July 11. © 2016 Hussam Al-Termanini

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Putin Is Still Standing: The Elites That Keep the President in Power. I believe the Russian people will turn against Putin and the elites soon enough. But, will they do so before Putin embarks on more devastating adventures abroad? That’s the question.

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Michael Young: “The only explanation [to Obama’s approach to Syria] is that Barack Obama is not averse to a de facto military endgame in Syria, one in which the rebels, denied a powerful ally in Jabhat Al Nusra, would be left with no alternative but to fight on in a weakened state or accede to the conditions imposed by Russia and the Syrian regime – conditions that will almost certainly sidestep the Geneva process for a transition away from Mr Al Assad.

For whatever reason, President Obama approached the conflict in Syria having willingly tied his hands behind his back. His real red lines were set for himself. He a priori vetoed any course that could have made a difference in the conflict, perhaps even prevented, especially establishing a no-fly zone, but was still willing to call on Assad to depart giving the impression that he is willing to do something to facilitate this matter. By doing this, he gave rebels and protesters hope, then, he kept taking it away. Now, he seems to be preparing to leave the White House, with his betrayal of Syrians signed, sealed and delivered.

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Roy Gutman asks in the Daily Beast: Why’s Obama Covering for Russian War Crimes in Syria?A new Human Rights Watch Report presents a devastating picture of Russia’s use of cluster bombs against civilians. And Washington says … nothing.

The mere fact that we have to ask this question is damning enough, and is why I simply cannot be moved or inspired by anything Obama has to say. He gave a good speech yesterday, but all I could do is stare incredulously at the screen. I don’t expect politicians to be saints, not even in democratic societies, but the contrast between the passion he exhibits whenever he tackles a domestic issue, and the sheer lack of empathy he shows when dealing with international affairs, no matter the scale of the tragedy involved, is incomprehensible to me. Clearly, our humanity matters less.

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