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Welcome to the World of the Vindicated

Activists in Aleppo holding a banner saying “Make It Rain Shit!” Meaning: We’re staying to the end you Sons of Bitches.

DDGD May 5, 2016 – Special Edition

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Table of current IGDs in anchor countries

As we can see from the table below, the Index of Global Delirium has jumped to the record level of 9.1! This happened in account of the current tragic developments in Aleppo, Syria, and Baghdad, Iraq, which happened to coincide with a particularly poignant mic drop by the most powerful leader of the free world. Mayhem’s a bitch, and can be insensitive to the need for some levity in the imperial capital of the world.

Featured Quote

“We are not going to sit there and let him do his thing supporting the regime and hammer at the opposition and say, ‘This is working.’ Obviously, we’re not stupid about it.” --John Kerry on Vladimir Putin and the situation in Aleppo

“No U.S. President has been a better comedian than Barack Obama. It’s really that simple.” --Dean Obeidallah    

The Deliricon

TEDead (AKA UNTrusTED): A badly defeated politician who inspires little to no sympathy among his followers, including his family, on account of his effusively rancid personality.

Trumpon: 1) A politician or an entrepreneur, or an entrepreneur turned politician, or vice versa, whose successes seem to come as a direct and obvious result of a long series of deals with the Devil Himself. 2) A type of tampon made for men who suffer from a chronic case of hemorrhoids.

(The) Kardashians: The post-post-modern Armenian-American version of Aeschylus' well known Greek tragedy: The Libation-Bearers. The line “Go through with the murder—innocent at last” comes especially to mind and seems to “bear” particular relevance to the times at hand.

The Delirica

The Unfunny Side of a Mic Drop: On April 30, Obama said "fuck you" to all his detractors then dropped the mic. He did that to us, Syrians, years ago. It wasn't funny. It’s still not funny. It’s hard to laugh or even smile when genocide is involved, at least for some of us, especially those of us on the receiving end.

The Burning of Aleppo  by the Scoundrel Bashar Al-Assad and His Villainous Allies – the Czars, the Mullahs and the Islamic State: The Syrian Revolution in its various episodes have managed to vindicate the ideologies of all ideologues, from the far left to the far right, from the secular to most sinister faith-based drivel. It has also vindicated crime. This, of course, came despite the intentions of its early leaders, and despite their ongoing efforts to bring some measure of sanity and sobriety to the process. The struggle is not over by a long shot, and despite all the darkness that seems to envelope the scene, much has been accomplished in terms of our struggle for a better future. The toll was much higher than even our worst fears might have suggested, and the indifference and, on many occasions, sheer hostility, that met our aspirations, especially coming from figures, movements and corners that we had every reason to expect them to be empathetic, are still too much for us to process, to fathom. Despite the fire that rages in our country, the world has proven to us to be a much darker and colder place than we feared. Yet, we have no choice but to move on.

Genocide – the Commercial Considerations: The Commercial Aspects Since the beginning, there was a certain madness and design to the ongoing destruction of towns and neighborhoods. It wasn’t all about ethnic cleansing. There were also commercial interests and a kind of city-planning or rezoning. There are people, Syrians, Iranians, Turks and Arabs, who stand to reap amazing rewards once the reconstruction begins. Meanwhile, what cannot be accomplished directly by the fighting can be accomplished by other means, such an “accidental fire.” I am referring to a fire that took place recently in Old Damascus destroying many shops in the Assrounieh neighborhood, which the Iranians have been eyeing for years now in the hope of expanding an area surrounding a Shia shrine to bring in more pilgrims, and more Iranian and Shia settlers to the country. Major swaths of territory behind the Iranian Embassy in the plush neighborhood of Mezzeh in Damascus have already been allocated to an Iranian housing project.

Mr. President,

I know that this new plea of mine will go unheeded, just was the case with all my previous ones and all pleas made on behalf of the Syrian people. I am not even sure if it’s really a plea, or just another rant. If it’s the latter, I promise that it will be the last. All good rants must come to an end. Even Ranters have to drop the mic sometimes, even if as a sign of frustration rather than accomplishment. Read more

The Daily Delirynth

Syrian and Russian forces targeting hospitals as a strategy of war. This is nothing new neither for the Assad Regime nor the Putin Regime. Putin followed a similar “strategy” in Chechnya, and Assad has been doing this in Syria for years now. Assad’s people even made certain that humanitarian aid that reached besieged Syrians did not include any vital medicines, including pain killers. 

Assad’s top cleric Hasson calls to exterminate people of Aleppo. And yet there are still people around within the Muslim community who still need to be made to understand why religion and politics don’t mix.  

“The Lens of History and Assad,” by David W. Lesch & Carey Latimore. How else can an article in which a person who once prided himself on being a friend of Bashar Al-Assad believing that he was a reformer, a person who advocated non-intervention in the Syrian conflict from the get-go, a person who, despite trying to suggest otherwise, still made a comparison between the situation in the U.S. after the civil War and Lincoln’s behavior before and after, and Syria’s current conflict, and Assad’s own behavior, how could such an article conclude except by…

So if there is to be a political settlement at some point with Assad remaining in power, can he, with appropriate self-awareness, re-set his country in a positive direction? Despite what will certainly be long-lasting animus against him, he may have an opportunity to re-caste (or re-invent) his legacy, but through a healing rather than vengeful process. Realism, not triumphalism. Countries coming out of national traumas need leaders. If you end up on the right side in a way that creates a foundation for national prosperity, historical narratives can be very forgiving. Can he begin to restore the dignity of a nation and a people? Is he finally willing to change the nature of governance in Syria and launch a period of transition and reconciliation? Can he face the reality of a Syrian population that has largely moved on from him and his cronies? The answer is most likely a resounding “No.” So how bout it, Mr. Assad? Prove us wrong. Malice toward none and charity for all.

So, it’s now back to this: calling on despotic genocidal maniac to reform. Reform! The methodical killing, and destruction, liquidating thousands upon thousands of dissidents, and there are still people around who think Assad is interested in reform! People who are blind as well to the fact that Syria has come under Iranian and Russian occupation. Delirium Galore.

This sick selfie shows exactly how twisted the Syrian conflict has become “A pro-Assad journalist has snapped a picture of herself with a gruesome background and caused an outrage on social media.” The vile things that we have been seeing and hearing from the pro-Assad Syrians, Arabs, Russians, Iranians and Westerners since the Revolution began, and even some of those who claim to be “neutral” call for the creation of a special new category in the definition of “crime against humanity.”

The Obama administration is 'giving full cover to the Russians' in Syria — and the results are 'catastrophic'. The fact is that the administration, as far as I and so many Syrians and observers around the world, has crossed the line from indifference to complicity in the ongoing mass bloodletting of civilians in Syrian.

Are Russian Propagandists Manipulating Footage of Syrian Devastation to Save Assad? “The levels to which Russian propagandists will stoop to cover for the Assad regime continue to hit new lows.” What Russia Today, Press TV, Al-Jazeerah Arabic, Al-Arabiya and the Arabic outlets of France24 and the BBC have done to journalism and journalistic standards is nothing less than criminal. But Russia Today has led the pack on all fronts, followed closely by Press TV and Al-Jazeerah Arabic. As for the so-called independent networks operating in the region, most have long crossed the line between free speech and incitement in regard to all types of crimes, and they only continue to exist due to the lack of any international enforcement mechanism in this regard.

The bombing of an Aleppo hospital should spur the U.S. to change its policy in Syria. Should? Perhaps. But who’s listening? The man is no longer there. On Syria, he has never been totally there really. And that’s a point of particular pride for him.

Amid Aleppo bloodshed, former Iranian politician praises 'Egypt’s support for Assad'. Indeed, it seems the Sisi regime is trying to play ball with both Iran and the Saudis. Iran can foment plenty of trouble for him at home through their sleeper terrorist cells, and for this, he lets their ships carrying military aid to the Assad regime pass unmolested through the Suez Canal, despite the fact that sanctions imposed on the Assad regime give him ample legal grounds to prevent such shipments. Still, this move by the Iranian politician seems designed mainly to irritate the Saudis by pointing out their Arab “ally’s” duplicity. The region is witnessing a Nakba Squared, and the Arabs are still their usual inter-fighting baboonish buffoonish selves. Yes I can say that, because I am an Arab. And despite what my Arab detractors say about me, I am not a self-hating Arab, I am just a self-loathing human being, mostly on account of the stupidity of my detractors.

Syria Special: How Regime May Have Staged “Rebel Attack” on Aleppo Hospital…and Fooled World’s Media. The simple answer is yes. And guess what? Assad has been doing this for years now, staging attacks inside Syria to make a political gain, to convince the world that it’s being threatened by terrorists. Since has been happening for decades, not years. It has been exposed and chronicled numerous times, but people keep falling for it. It definitely strains our credulity to believe that a person can do this to his country and people. But this is the type of criminal Assad is. The International Left has been attacking American propaganda machine for decades now, but it’s the propaganda machine of autocratic regimes that has been undermining the foundation of global order, and that makes it hard for people in the West in particular to know the truth about anything.
Report: Sons of Hezbollah commanders sent to Europe to evade Syria fighting. “Opposing Hezbollah's war in Syria and fearing for their sons' lives, many Hezbollah militiamen send their sons to seek refuge in Europe.Meanwhile, Iran calls for boys to fight as CHILD SOLDIERS in Syria alongside Assad’s troops: Shocking propaganda video tells youngsters to defend the dictator. And Iran is proving particularly hospitable to its Afghan migrants: An Afghan migrant in Iran tells of his time as a fighter in Syria. “When I was in Syria, a young Afghan who had recently joined the Fatemiun group accidentally shot and killed himself. He didnot know how to use a weapon. They should not send people who are not properly trained to Syria. Sometimes I think that we really are just a tool for the Iranian government.

Syria's Assad Used Chemical Arms Against ISISAfter Assad crossed Obama's 'red line' by using chemical arms, a deal was reached to see all such weapons removed from the war-torn country. Last week however, the regime used a chemical agent - most likely sarin - against ISIS.” This pattern of cooperation and conflict has been established since the early days of IS emergence on the scene. Both sides have certain priorities that necessitate eliminating all moderate rebels, or rebels not under the IS umbrella, both sides need to cooperate economically to make sure that they can endure, fund their wars, defend and expand territories under their control, but ultimately, there are certain areas that both want badly to control, such as Damascus, and that’s where conflict is bound to happen. There is another pattern that we should note in this regard: the US made a deal with the Assad regime over its chemical stockpiles, but the Assad regime, and despite surrendering most of its stockpiles kept enough hidden away and has been using them repeatedly over the last couple of years. Would the deal nuclear with Iran fare any better?

While we’re busy pondering this question, consider these two titles as well: Syria and the Holocaust: Putting ‘Never Again’ to the test, and From Houla to Aleppo: Syria’s Srebrenica moments multiply. We are not talking about one test here, the Obama Administration and the EU has been failing similar tests in Syria since 2011. And they still think they were right. In light of this observation, warnings like this sound comical: Kerry warns Assad of 'repercussions' over truce violations, and statements like these by Robert Ford, former U.S. Ambassador to Syria, make more sense: Former US envoy to Syria condemns 'hypocritical' policyRobert Ford says support for PYD shows inconsistency in Washington's approach to conflict.” Still, we now have to deal with August 1, 2016 as another red line drawn by the Obama Administration for Assad – a development so earth shattering, it seems to warrant this casual mention at the end of our Delirynth.
The Exotic Observations & Propositions of Delirian Mundi
Known to those of his followers seeking his canonization and entry into the Valtheon of Deliriology, as Agnus Mundi, and to his detractors as Ranae Dei and even Capra Satanae, Delirian Mundi’s writings, mixing satire and philosophical reflections, continue to be polarizing, inspiring both adulation and ridicule. Bearing this in mind, we, the editors at DDGD, continue to publish these previously unknown series of “exotic observations and propositions,” as Delirian himself referred to them, as part of our continuing commitment to instigate debate over sensitive issues.

* Indifference kills. Indifference burns. Indifference makes culprits of us all.

* If our modern history proves anything about us it’s that we are still cannibals at heart. We might have “evolved” to hate the direct individual act of it, but we remain addicted to the collective ritualistic aspect of it. We grow and develop by feasting on the weakest and most vulnerable amongst us.

* A self-vindicating self-perpetuating loop of Realist fuckery always manages to inspire the emergence of a self-vindicating self-perpetuating loop of fascist thuggery. 

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A prisoner revolt has reportedly broken out at Syria's Hama jail. “Syrian government troops surrounded Hama prison in the west of the country on Monday and fired tear gas after inmates revolted, seizing several guards, a monitoring group reported.” Not much has been reported since, but a happy ending is unlikely.

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