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“Happily ready to be displaced, Ma’am”

The International Syria Support Group reaffirms that political transition in Syria must be led and owned by Syria, the ISSG said in a statement Tuesday.

DDGD May 21, 2016
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The Index reflects the state of delirium in a particular country using a 1 to 10 count, with 10 denoting the highest level of delirium. Levels of delirium change on the basis of current development in said country, such as instability, terrorism, elections, sports events and the like,  as well as relevant global developments such financial meltdowns, certain leaks, and stock market indices. Countries shown above are among those where fluctuation in the national and local indices have a greater global impact than is the case with other countries. Note: levels of violence and delirium do not always coincide. Indeed, a country can have a high delirium level even though it is relatively stable. 

When meeting of powers that include no single representative of the Syrian people concludes by saying that the solution should be owned by Syrians, when women are still dismissed as objects in a variety of ways, from lack of provenance of certain hygiene products, to criminalizing abortions, when planes keep falling out of the skies at the whim of some faith-drunk nitwits who think that looking and living like cavemen is cool, and when some western European countries think that it’s good idea to elect fascists as leaders again, IGD levels are unlikely to take a downturn anytime soon. In fact, they will keep climbing higher and higher as the prophetic heralds of the coming global meltdown.

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"The water crisis will be there in the future because of climate change but through this we will be able to help the people. The public has welcomed it and they are happily ready to be displaced." Uma Bharati, India's Minister for Water resources

The Deliricon

A Russian Withdrawal: A sexual counter-reproduction practice endorsed by the Russian Orthodox Church as well as Russia’s perennially presumptive and presumptuous potentate, Vladimir Putin, that experts describe more as a redeployment than an actual withdrawal, which explains why it often fails to prevent pregnancy, or to make the sexual experience more often to those on the penetrated end of the not-so-delicate process. 

(The) Numbing Element: A tragic development which came about, in part, as a result of policies advocated by Realists, but to which the Realists, ironically enough, point by way of showcasing their sense of humanity.

The Qardashian Effect: 1) The dumbing down effect that traditional faith systems have on the minds of their followers, especially those belonging to the male persuasion; 2) A desperate ploy used by certain bloggers to generate more hits and possibly grater user interaction consisting of posting nude photos of Qim Qardashian on their blogs.  

The Delirica

Obama the Imperialist: Think about it… The Obama administration has been militarily intervening in Syria since mid-2012. At first, it did it indirectly by training rebel groups in Jordan so they could secure the Jordanian border, and apply occasional pressures on the Assad regime in Damascus to spur advances in the ongoing talks with Iran. Then, when the Islamic State emerged on the scene, the involvement became more direct. In both cases, the goal was achieve policy goals that have little to do with the goals of the Syrian rebels, and came, in fact, at the expense of these goals and the wellbeing of most Syrians. Add to the mix, President Obama’s dismissive attitude vis-à-vis Syrians and Arabs, which he has exhibited repeatedly, and what other conclusion can one draw? An arrogant attitude and policies of intervention that care little for the aspirations and fate for the natives: that’s the quintessence of imperialism. But that’s what Realist policies produce. By reneging on America’s exceptionalism, and seeking to “normalize” it,” its power, values and history notwithstanding, America became a classical imperialist entity. Finally, America has become what people like Noam Chomsky has accused her of being for decades. It took leftist realists to accomplish that.

But American exceptionalism is the product of its unique historical experiences, and is an objective fact. Whether this fact inspires pride, fear, hate, envy or all of the above in one is irrelevant, and informs more about the person involved than America itself. By trying to run away from that, the Realists turned America’s exceptionalism against her, as a result, both she and the world are less secure for it.

On the dispensability of murderous assholes: At this stage, there are really no strategic reasons for keeping Assad in power in Syria. Russia and Iran are not keeping him there out of a strategic necessity, but to make a point: namely that they have defeated the American drive for regime change in the country. For that’s how they have packaged this entire Arab Spring phenomenon, and not just the conflict in Syria. For Russian and Iranian leaders, all the revolutions of the Arab Spring came as result of a Western-American conspiracy to topple regimes and impose new leaders that are friendlier to the West and more accommodating of its interests. Keeping Assad in power is their way of telling their people and their sympathizers around the world: we have defeated America. Given the chance, and just to rub it in and make more of a point, they might even nominate Assad for a Nobel Prize down the road. Then they will dispense with him, to let the people of Syria and the region who’s really in charge. Since none of these “calculations” matter to President Obama, he will do nothing to counter this narrative. 

No it isn’t: This is how fascism comes to America. I beg to differ, Mr. Kagan. This is not how fascism comes to America, for the current phenomenon cannot be reduced to the shenanigans of Mr. Trump, just as fascism could never be reduced to the shenanigans of a Mussolini and a Hitler. Fascism is a symptom of a much deeper malaise than the desires and machinations of one man of a small set of men, and their ability to manipulate the public debate. Fascism, hence Trumpism, is mainly about that the very thing you, Mr. Kagan,  have so cavalierly chosen to dismiss: those pesky socioeconomic problems that are affecting the lives of more and more Americans today. The fact that many of these Americans seem to also lack the necessary skills and education needed to find suitable employment in today’s modern economy is another aspect of the problem. The challenges to existing worldviews and values systems posed by scientific and technological breakthroughs and the world increasing interconnectivity represent a third element that needs to be considered in our analysis. And there are other elements that warrant considerations as well, but the personal element to which Mr. Kagan is referring is the least important of all when it comes to understanding the phenomenon. Albeit, it might represent the most important element to consider when it comes to planning and running a counter-Trump campaign.

So long as people keep trying to understand the Trump phenomenon by focusing on Mr. Trump, they will fail to do so, and that will affect their ability to stand up to it.  At this stage, it seems that pundits on the right as well as those on the left are as clueless to what’s going in America as people like Chomsky as to what’s going on in their own brains, not to mention the world. With that, America’s leadership crisis seems worse than we might have previously thought. But America is not the only country suffering from the fascist fallouts of societal and leadership dysfunction. Austria comes to mind.

And according to Ehud Barak, Israel is no exception either. “There are no serious leaders left in the world who believe the Israeli government,” Mr. Barak reportedly said. But the problem is even worse, and can more effectively summarized by the first part of Barak’s sentence: “There are no serious leaders left in the world.”  

The Daily Delirynth


Actor F. Murray Abraham, right, and Rhode Island Rep. David Cicilline arrive for a briefing in the Capitol Visitor Center on the importance of resettling Syrian refugees. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Refugeenomics: Refugees will repay EU spending almost twice over in five years – reportInvestigation into impact of refugees in Europe finds rising public debt will be offset by a much greater rise in GDP.”  The economic impact of refugees on their host societies is much more complicated and positive on the overall than the initial fears and prejudices they invariably tap into. Just ask actor, F. Murray Abrahams: Word on the Hill: Actor’s Fight for Syrian Refugees is Personal. Indeed, not only are refugees not free loaders, they soon became part of the wealth generation machine of their host countries. They give back and they give back aplenty: Syrian refugees give new life to struggling city of Malmö “Migrants fleeing war in the Middle East have brought a vibrant culture and a trade revival to Sweden’s third city.”

It’s the 21st Century, but… This is the 21st century indeed, yet we still have to deal with girls having to miss school on account of their menstrual cycle or lack of clean toilets, and we still have to deal with wife battery in the nauseating manner of this fucking asshole. And of course, we still have to deal with assholes committing mass murders, assholes justifying it, and all manner of assholes exploiting it, including the Obama administration and its particular brand of realist assholes.

Meanwhile, Muslim women prove that they are way cool even as most of their men continue to struggle with the concept: America’s first Muslim clothing store says Islamic fashion isn’t just for Muslims, Muslim woman's cheeky selfie with anti-Islam group goes viral.

Phantom Withdrawal: Despite supposed withdrawal, Russia building up new base in Syria, Pentagon says. Russians don’t really withdraw, they reposition and redeploy, come back, until they are kicked out.
Altamir Ilyich Benderrovsky – Head of the Popular Socialist Front for the Liberation of Alaska. His famous statement “As with Crimea so with Alaska” received thunderous applause and a standing ovation at the Russian Duma last summer following a much ballyhooed meeting with Russian potentate Vladimir Ilyich Putin.

Give Back Alaska: Putin Is Being Pushed to Abandon His Conciliatory Approach to the West and Prepare for War. Alastair Crooke wants US to offer more concessions to Russia. Why not give Alaska back. Unlike Syria, the Russians have actually owned the place at some point.

Like Father Like Son: Syria army commander 'poses next to dead bodies'. The image above is of a father, a major general in Assad’s armies, Issam Zahreddine, and a son, an officer in the same army. The father is known for his ability to kill and torture with relish, and for occasionally having his photo taken showing him stamping on the corpses of dead rebels or ISIS members, or standing by their hoisted remains. The son is known for defending and justifying his father’s horrible deeds as being part of their “patriotic and religious duty,” thus promising to carry on the struggle for another generation. For ours is primarily a culture where fathers keep churning up sons in their spitting image and liking, so that the fuckery can continue from one generation to the next. Just consider this other father-son duo (below) and the fuckery they both did. 

We may not be coming after you anytime soon, but… U.S. Warns ISIS Capital: Get Out Now, get of Raqqah out of the decency of your heart. 

The Exotic Observations & Propositions of Delirian Mundi
Known to those of his followers seeking his canonization and entry into the Valtheon of Deliriology, as Agnus Mundi, and to his detractors as Ranae Dei and even Capra Satanae, Delirian Mundi’s writings, mixing satire and philosophical reflections, continue to be polarizing, inspiring both adulation and ridicule. Bearing this in mind, we, the editors at DDGD, continue to publish these previously unknown series of “exotic observations and propositions,” as Delirian himself referred to them, as part of our continuing commitment to instigate debate over sensitive issues.

* One can indeed change oneself by running away from the task, but only to the worse.

* Evil is what ordinary people end up doing when they allow themselves to believe that their ordinariness immunizes him against the possibility of committing evil. Good, on the other hand, is what ordinary people do when they stop bullshitting themselves.

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Reversed Polarity
A delirium-inducing celebrity-related thingy, imagined even real, real even when imagined, and completely irrelevant, even when maintaining the appearance of purpose. Notice: All celebrities appearing here, even the fictitious ones, are real, but not necessarily actual, and all their statements and quotes, especially those deemed libelous, for whatever unenlightened reason, are their own, even when they are factious but somehow actual, and have absolutely nothing to do with the author of this blog, or the editors of ЯP, no matter how delusional he/they may seem at times, or happen to be, for real. 

Finally, Unmasked and Uncovered! Qim QarDaeshian’s last fig leaf has fallen.

Following on the heels of our previous edition’s interview with renowned public intellectual, Qim Qardashian, which some have found as “shocking” and “unusually audacious,” even by the sultry cuddly poultry’s quixotic standards, comes this no less jarring revelation: KIM KARDASHIAN: SECRET AGENT WOMAN.

Yes Officials in Iran have actually accused Mrs. QarDaeshian “of being a spy who posts revealing photos on Instagram in an attempt to corrupt young people.” For his part, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, said, through his spokesfiend, Nukedealis Ashamenei, that he “would have no problem whatsoever having this particular spy shag me if by doing so I can save the vulnerable youths of my befucked nation.”

When DDGD’s ЯeveЯsed Polarity (ЯP) did the interview with Mrs. QarDaeshian, it expected that this would mark the first and last time that it will have to stoop to such lofty lows, but the delirium was strong in this one, and so here we go again.

“What do you make of this, Mrs. QarDaeshian?” We asked the protagonist during a quick snapchat interview. “I don’t know,” she replied. “Now that my cover is really blown, I guess I just have to roll with it, retire and dedicate myself fulltime to pursuing my career as a reality TV star, even as I continue to pursue a triple PhD in handjobology, deliriology and voodoonomics.” But, the mega sign of our current disenchantment with the current global order added, “I have to admit that I have learnt much from my years as an agent of imperialist cultural supervision, and I am indeed quite proud of what I have managed to accomplish with the little I had to show for it.”

With this Reversed Polarity believes that we have probably seen everything from Mrs. QarDaeshian, or so one hopes.

As for Iran’s ability to keep itself safe from the QarDaeshian Influence, the battle seems to be already lost.

A woman teacher in the capital said: “This is a country where prostitutes freely advertise on social media and look for customers in the streets, but educated and professional women end up in jail.”

Theatrum Ad Vere Stultum
A series of post-postmodern takes on the "classics," new and old, starring the world’s and history’s most (in)famous public figures. Notice: All characters in these scenes even the fictitious ones are real, and all their statements, especially those deemed libelous, are their own and have absolutely nothing to do with the author of this blog, no matter how delusional he may seem at times, or happen to be, for real.

Mourning: Act 3 - Scene 2
Hassan Nasrallah
Let’s sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the death of kings…
Fighter 1
Who is he talking about?
Fighter 2
Commander Badreddine who’s just been martyred in Syria.
Fighter 1
I see. But isn’t he exaggerating a little. After all, the man was a fucking asshole. I mean he was sexting my neighbor’s wife from the “battlefield” all the time. I doubt he ever had a chance to actually fight. He let husband do all that. I mean the man was fighting under him, how sick is that?
Fighter 2
How do you know all this?
Fighter 1
She showed me some of his… messages. We’re sorta having an affair.
Fighter 2
Doesn’t that make you an asshole as well?
Fighter 1
That may be. But you’ll never hear anyone speaking about me as a king, even if I were martyred.
Fighter 2
Yeah, I know. I guess you and I are more like “close the wall up with our Shia dead” types.
Fighter 1
Which is why I say “fuck it.” 
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  1. The idea of making a new government in Syria from only Syrian input will just continue the nonsense in the Middle East.

  2. So is the idea of trying to do so without Syrian input. The optics of having a conference on Syria without a single Syrian present on the 100 year anniversary of Sykes Picot is a bit too jarring, and quite telling about the moment at hand.


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