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The Indignant Slobs of History

Syrians carry a wounded youth following an air strike in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo | Ameer Alhalbi/AFP via Getty Images

DDGD April 6, 2016

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The Society of Proud and Morally Indignant Autocrats: We are despots and proud of it. We shoot into the crowds we oppress. We shoot to kill. We are effective.. We are at peace with ourselves and what we do. We don't take anything from our people as some claim. The people, the country and its wealth are ours by virtue of our dominance over them. What we do is give, we give security for the whole, and we reward loyalty. We do not preach human rights and violate them. To us, rights stem from loyalty, and a willingness to pay the price of our collective security. We do not promote democracy one day, and indifference another. We are consistent. All our prisons are Guantanamo, and worse. And all our prisoners are guilty. Period. Consistency is all. Democracy is hypocrisy. 

Table of current IGDs in anchor countries

Index of Global Delirium

United States of America
United Kingdom
Saudi Arabia
South Africa

The Index reflects the state of delirium in a particular country using a 1 to 10 count, with 10 denoting the highest level of delirium. Levels of delirium change on the basis of current development in said country, such as instability, terrorism, elections, sports events and the like,  as well as relevant global developments such financial meltdowns, certain leaks, and stock market indices. Countries shown above are among those where fluctuation in the national and local indices have a greater global impact than is the case with other countries. Note: levels of violence and delirium do not always coincide. Indeed, a country can have a high delirium level even though it is relatively stable. 

Featured Quotes

“We’re actually seeing an increase in now the desertion rates in these fighters. We’re seeing a fracture in their morale. We’re seeing their inability to pay. We’re watching them try to leave Daesh.” Air Force Maj. Gen. Peter Gersten, deputy commander for operations and intelligence in the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS

“The catastrophic deterioration in Aleppo over the last 24-48 hours” has jeopardised the aid lifeline that delivers supplies to millions of Syrians. “I could not in any way express how high the stakes are for the next hours and days.” Jan Egeland, chairman of the UN humanitarian task force'

The Delirica

The Indignant: People who have nothing to offer but moral indignation and faultfinding don’t solve problems. No matter what they tell us, and themselves, their opinions and contributions are self-serving first and foremost. I try not to be one of these people. My moral indignation is often coupled with some concrete proposals and an attempt at trying to distinguish the ideal from the practical, and the possible from the illusory. I might falter at occasions, or always, it’s really easy to falter in this regard when you’re an advocate with a healthy ego to boot (the body and mind not so much these days), but at least I do try.  And I will keep on trying. That, too, is part of advocacy.

The Slope and the Slob: There is a slippery slope argument that can, and should, be made in connection with inaction and indecision: they could lead to paralysis, leaving problems to fester and grow beyond control, as more and more actors seem to take advantage of your absence to create new facts on the ground that will be hard to change or challenge down the road. The previous administration tried to compensate for its blunder in Iraq through the surge, and it succeeded for a while. This administration, however, sees victory in its blunders, so why on earth does it need to change anything? So, no ground troops will be sent to where they are desperately needed, and no no-fly zones will be established to help the desperate. It will be up to the next administration to deal with this “mess.” Obama is too busy being victorious, too busy being proud even as genocide unfolds, too busy being self-righteous, to do anything.

The Arc of History: If the arc of history does bend towards justice it’s on account of our choices and actions, collective and individual. I don’t see how allowing Russia, Iran and the Assad regime to get away with mass killing can help in this regard. But we are, nonetheless, expected to believe that it does. On the other hand, it’s clear by now that President Obama’s proffered reasons for not intervening in Syria have little to do with reality, and everything to do with the vision he has for the future of American-Iranian relations. In order to secure that vision, it seems, Syria needed to be sacrificed. Will the result of this involuntary sacrifice help the arc of history keep bending toward justice? As far as the Syrian people are concerned, the answer is probably a resounding no.

The Daily Delirynth

An Empathy Barometer: How much does Obama cares about Syrian lives? This is how much: before “5 Rescue Workers Are Killed in Northern Syria” under Assad’s bombardment, the U.S. refused entry to the United States by the head of this group of rescue workers who was being honored by a local charity in DC. Now, Russian airstrikes on a hospital on Aleppo killed over 60 people, including children and staff of Medecins Sans Frontieres.  What would the administration response be, I wonder? Or do we really have to wonder?

Vladdipus Prepares for Trouble At Home: Vladimir Putin's National Guard 'must be allowed to fire into crowds' say lawmakers. By creating the legal framework that justifies firing into crowd on the ground “that in these cases the risk of harm to a random person would be justified,” Vladdipus Hex seems to be already preparing for the looming trouble at home, perhaps in time for that major popular reenactment of the Russian Revolution that might just take place around 2017. No rest for the autocrat.

The Colors of the Besieged: Reports from the activists on the ground tell of different stories about the fate of the residents of besieged towns after they were allowed to leave. The Sunni in habitants of Madaya and Zabadani near Damascus, which have been besieged by pro-regime and militias and Hezbollah troops, were housed by the regime in a nearby detention camp, previously used for training young Baath cadets, with no virtually UN supervision and minimal access to healthcare, despite the fact that most of these people are starved and in urgent need or medical help. Already few deaths have been reported. As for the loyalist Shia residents of Kefraya and Fu’ah near Aleppo, towns still besieged by rebel groups, most of them have reportedly been taken to Damascus and housed in apartments in the predominantly Shia neighborhood of Sitti Zeinab. The apartments are believed to have been previously owned by Sunnis. Most of these Shia residents are reportedly in good health, because rebel-siege did not prevent the regime from dropping aid from the air. To many activists, this observation help underscore the need for dropping aid packages from the air unto besieged rebel towns, a development that could prevent further ethnic cleansing, as peace talks drag out. Meanwhile, Hezbollah is allowing his fighters to bring their families to the city of Yabroud, a majority Christian town north of Damascus, and are bestowing on them the houses of dislocated residents. 

Heil Assad: Cruz' Ex Co-Chair in Virginia Heads to Syria, Praises Assad. When you have too much venom in your souls but can no longer say Heil Hitler, because it’s no longer in fashion, Heil Assad might just work. I mean, what are you really risking, other than the state department saying that your views “do not reflect this administration's policy on Syria.” Indeed, the administration would never praise Assad, they would just let him kill and stay in power until his allies get tired of him, or the last Syrian has passed away, whichever comes first.

The Incoherence of the Coherence: Donald Trump, Laying Out Foreign Policy, Promises Coherence. “Standing beneath a twinkling chandelier,” Mr. Trump delivered the most unenlightened of speeches. For while his foreign policies might be nothing more than an extension of Obama’s own taken to their logical xenophobic conclusion, his rhetoric is that Obama when he was in 6th Grade at best. Be that at it may, by promising to improve relations with autocrats and show indifference to democrats and scorn for women and immigrants, Trump consolidated his positions as the would-be Messiah of all American fascists. Amen and Hallelujah. Averroes would not have been proud, and Al-Ghazali would have been crucified.

Better Titles

Obama tells British youth: Don't pull back from the world. Should be: Obama tells British youth: Do as I say, don’t do as I do.

NYT Editorial Board: A Risky American Expansion in Syria. Should be: We are helping advance President Obama’s Realist agenda and pretending to be objective by making big deal out of symbolic move. 

A man who has helped save more than 40,000 lives in Syria was just denied entry into the US. Should be: “How many times do I have to tell you to fuck the hell off?” An angry Obama shouts at Syrians.

As Syria fighting escalates, 5 bad outcomes loom. Should be: Five new reasons why Syrians and other oppressed peoples should think hard before fighting for their freedom.

Erdoğan says 'state should have equal distance from all religious faiths' after secularism row. Should be: Turkish President proves his autocratic tendencies more a function of his ego than his faith. 

The Exotic Observations & Propositions of Delirian Mundi
Known to those of his followers seeking his canonization and entry into the Valtheon of Deliriology, as Agnus Mundi, and to his detractors as Ranae Dei and even Capra Satanae, Delirian Mundi’s writings, mixing satire and philosophical reflections, continue to be polarizing, inspiring both adulation and ridicule. Bearing this in mind, we, the editors at DDGD, continue to publish these previously unknown series of “exotic observations and propositions,” as Delirian himself referred to them, as part of our continuing commitment to instigate debate over sensitive issues.

* You might get tired of fucking things up, but that does not excuse your giving up.

* Democracy is a continuous bet on the wisdom of the crowd which serves to tip the balance to this or that side of the scale without breaking it. For the wisdom of the crowd as expressed through the democratic process favors gradual cumulative change, and can withstand setbacks. It only favors the revolutions when dealing with rigid autocratic societies where the possibility of change through cumulative reforms is mooted by the behavior of the authoritarian elite.

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Featured Video(s)

SeeMore Shit: ‘A game of cards’: Seymour Hersh nails Obama & Kerry’s take on Assad. “RT Correspondent Anya Parampil talks with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh about his latest bombshell piece in the London Review of Books. The article, titled “Military to Military” alleges, based on sources within the military, that the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Defense Intelligence Agency advised President Obama against an “Assad must go” policy back in 2013, fearing if Assad fell the country would plunge into utter chaos or into the hands of extremists. When the Obama Administration seemed to ignore the advice, according to Hersh’s sources the Joint Chiefs began sharing intelligence with Russia, Germany, and Israel with the understanding it would be sent to the Assad regime and aide its fight against ISIS and other extremists groups. In the interview, Hersh discusses the implications of his story, the US’s relationship with Turkey, and why the mainstream media is quick to attack him.

SeeMore Shit hates religious extremists and terrorist groups and wants to live in a "circular" world ruled by "circular" values not one dominated by the extremists of the Shawarmalite Order and their fucking unruly nuns. This is why he allies himself with the Falafilites of Syria in their ongoing battle against the Baba Ghannoujis, and with the Free Czarists of Tefran and Mosbovine against the Unholy Inferialists of Saucy Amebia and the United Mates of Amphorica.

SeeMore Shit speaks coherently about illusions, while passionately endorsing lies, especially those he deems too big to fail. He drinks his own Kool Aid to sound more believable, and his own urine to retain his vulturous posture as he pecks on the decaying cadavers of the truths he killed in search of useful tidbits that could help him embellish his lies by giving them an aura of authenticity.

To SeeMore Shit, it seems irrational for people to hate a genocidal tyrant. To him, in a conflict pitting lions against sheep, the two sides are equally guilty: after all they’re both fighting! Yet, if there is any side that deserves some sympathy and consideration, it’s the lions, who are simply doing what lions usually do. How dare the sheep fight back? It’s simply unnatural. And should some wolves venture into the fight, he still blames the sheep. And when the vultures inevitably appear, ghouls emerge and fiends rush in, oh those damn damn sheep. Just look at a mess they made. It’s always the sheep that warrant his blame. After all, they dared call on America for help, and even if America is not really helping, by calling on her the sheep have committed a crime against SeeMore’s inherent anti-imperial tendencies. And for that they deserve to be punished. They deserve to have their plight distorted and to experience the full wrath of all those lions, fiends, ghouls and wolves ganging up on them. So there.

That’s the essence of SeeMore Shit’s philosophy. How else could he have earned his name?

Meanwhile, the plot against the Shawarmalites has developed a new front in Mosbovine.

Cartoons: The Cauldron

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