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The Bad Boys and their Wonderful Little Toys

As many as 10,000 Afghan fighters may have been recruited by Iran's Revolutionary Guards 

DDGD April 15, 2016

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Today’s Post is brought to you by…  The Good Old Bad Boys Society: With chapters all around the world, we have never been more sexy and attractive to vulnerable females, and no less deadly to all, including ourselves. 

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"Some Afghans, who were close to Iran's Revolutionary Guards, approached me and my mates at the mosque," he said. "They suggested we go to Syria to help defend the Shia holy shrines from Daesh," he added, using an acronym for the previous name of the jihadist group Islamic State (IS). "They said we'd get passports and have an easy life afterwards. We'd be like Iranian citizens and could buy cars, houses..." Amir – a Shia Afghan recruit who fought for the regime in Syria. As the five-year conflict in Syria grinds on, BBC Persian has found evidence that Iran is sending thousands of Afghan men to fight alongside Syrian government forces.

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Trumbuktu: An alternate reality where white people are the Christian masters of all other races, on earth and across the Universe, and where all these other races are happy with their lot, serving their deserving masters with joy and contentment, willingly building the required separation walls and trenches to help the White Race preserve its divine purity.

An artist rendering of what Boris ShortFangs could 
have looked like on the basis of available descriptions.
Berniela: An alternate reality better described in John Lennon’s song “Imagine,” and better embodied in Charles Manson’s vision of Helter Skelter.

Boris ShortFangs: A mythical British court jester who dared dream of becoming king. He inflated his ego and further reduced the size of his brain and heart, and some say even his hands, but, ironically enough, not his hair, and that, according to some versions of the tale, was enough for him to, at least, qualify for the run to become head of the state, albeit one that was far diminished by his presence, both physically and morally. These were the worst of times.

Feardogan: According to Turkish mythology, the Feardogan is a ghoul who seeks to inspire fear in the people around him but ends up inspiring ridicule instead. His looks, his attitude and the way he takes himself seriously all combine to make him look ridiculous. And though a creature like him may not afford to look ridiculous, considering that lives in that infamously dangerous part of the jungle, Holybush, there is little that he can do about that. He keeps on trying, he keeps on failing. He keeps on flailing in anger and disappointment, and the world keeps on laughing.

A Kaleidoscopic Fuck: A type of cluster fuck where the main actors, fuckers and fucked alike, come from diverse backgrounds, have different reasons for participation in the act, albeit consent is neither assumed nor necessary in this situation, and expect different outcomes from the experience.

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The Indifferent Watchman: The Assad FilesCapturing the top-secret documents that tie the Syrian regime to mass torture and killings.” Or, to put it more provocatively though no less accurately: Syria war crimes investigators amass strongest evidence 'since Nuremberg' against Bashar al-Assad. And yet, somehow, in the midst of discussing the situation in Syria, President Barak Obama managed to find a particular moment of which he was proud. Nothing in his rhetoric on Syria suggests an awareness of the enormity of the situation or any sympathy with the people involved. Even when he tried to do an internal stock taking of his failures: it was Libya that he worried about and sounded apologetic. The situation in Libya is bad of course, and that in Yemen is worse, but the situation in Syria is worst of all, and yet, apparently, Mr. Obama has no reason to be sorry in this regard, and only moments where he could be proud.

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Small Attack Craft Delivered to the Iranians from North Korea

The Great Rattling of Heavily Circumcised Penises under the Influence of Viagra: It’s a traditional sport for the Good Old Bad Boys Society in our increasingly globalized region, and has been in vogue since times immemorial. But as the toys keep growing in size and potency, as natural mechanism for compensation, one cannot but wonder how will it all end. More specifically, the question on everyone’s minds these days is this: will it be another mini Armageddon, a somewhat or a much larger one, or even: The One?

IRGC to stage major maneuvers in southeast Iran: Cmdr. But of course! After all, Saudi Arabia just did it. And the rattling of heavily circumcised penises continues.
This is the advanced Russian helicopter that just crashed in Syria. This is what rattling your toys vigorously gets you.
Saudi Arabia leads surge in arms imports by Middle East statesSaudi imports up 275% in five years, with UK firms estimated to have sold £5.6bn of arms to the country, while imports by European states down 41%

Saudi-Egyptian deal on Red Sea islands sparks anger. The main goal behind the deal between Saudi and Egypt is to construct a bridge connecting the two countries and the African and Asia continents. But why? The timing of the development seems to suggest that comes as a reflection of Saudi Arabia increasing security concerns in regard to Iranian expansionism, and its rulers’ ongoing efforts to create a reginal Sunni alliance The King’s subsequent visit to Turkey comes as an additional demonstration of this. As such, the bridge seems designed to enable Egyptian and African militaries and militias to rush to Saudi’s succor in a potential showdown with Iran. The deal, as the terms suggest, is quite lucrative to Egypt, which, under the Camp David Accord, was prohibited from developing the islands, and was only allowed to maintain a small military presence on Tiran, the larges to the two islands. Now, and with Israel signing off on the agreement, Saudi could develop the island for use military and economically. Egyptians complaining about the deal are intentionally ignoring its positive economic and financial implications as part of their legitimate anti-Al-Sisi campaign. But they should not lose focus of the overall geopolitical situation.

The Never Vanishing Spin: The Hell After ISISWhile the Sunni community is in disarray, isis itself is hardly faring better. Popular enthusiasm for its rule in places like Hit is long gone, meaning it has been unable to hold territory or advance on Baghdad. Under military pressure from the Iraqi army, Shiite militias, and U.S. air strikes, the Islamic State is slowly withering: In December, it lost Ramadi. In March, Iraqi forces began advancing into Hit. But many Sunnis will tell you that even if this campaign succeeds in toppling isis, it will have done nothing to address the fundamental divides that helped produce the group in the first place. Those rifts are the result of decades of American policy and misrule by Saddam, and they will likely remain long after isis is gone.” Those “rifts” are the results of misrule first and foremost. They are also reflections of the nihilistic ideological mentality adopted by most regional intellectuals who remain addicted to a victimary mentality and rhetoric that put the entire blame on outsiders, and have, with few exceptions, been able to provide an objective critique for traditional culture, a better understanding of global culture, or a guiding vision that is not steeped in ideology to the point of conferring a religious significance on it.

The fact that American, European and Russian policies have over the decades contributed to some of the ills and problems we are facing in our societies today does not make them primary cause of these problems. Long before Russia invaded Afghanistan and the United Stated and its allies invaded Iraq, misrule and ideological predilections have been busy tearing apart the social fabric of our countries. As for the European colonial experience in our land, it has long come to an end, and we have been in charge of our lives for far too long to keep blaming all our ills on it. More importantly, almost every aspect of modernity in our society, the things that make life tolerable, dates back to that very experience: modern education, state institutions, basic infrastructure and, on occasions, even the working legal system, all date back to the French and British colonial period. Furthermore, most development and modernization efforts that took place in our countries after independence were facilitated by western or at time Soviet expertise and, on many occasions, funding in terms of grants and loans.

If some of the policies of these powers ended up clashing with our basic interests, and in this regard we have to note the lack of interest in academic circles worldwide in assessing the far more negative impact of Soviet policies in this regard, it’s because the world doesn’t stand still while some of its parts seem to embrace stagnation, or to continue to wrestle with some of their demons. Principles aside, this is how the world works. The West looks guilty because some of its policies seem to violate the very principles it claims to cherish, especially in connection to democracy and human rights. But, in truth, Soviet hypocrisy has been far more obvious, resoundingly so, after all, Soviet rulers oppressed the very classes whose interests they claimed to represent and protect. But, because the West is democratic, dissent flourished, and its hypocrisy was called far more loudly. Meanwhile, the autocrats can on so many occasions still benefit from their autocracy: they suffocate dissent at home, and when it seeks refuge abroad, it often loses a certain legitimacy and relevance, as some of its champions seem to lose their sense of perspective. Moreover, exiled dissidents often find themselves under attack conducted by the dissidents of the West, who, in their zeal to fight hypocrisy at home, end up justifying and defending it abroad. And autocrats like Putin, Khamenei and Assad become heroes of the resistance, and the evil they perpetrate is often blamed on the West. An alternate history emerges in which they are righteousHow convenient!

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