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Facets of Global Delirium

“Blessed Are The Xenophobes”

DDGD April 9, 2016

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Today’s Post is brought to you by…  Vultures for Peace: Don't be deceived by our deeds, we actually do believe in peace. Why do you think we transform our countries into big cemeteries? 

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“At this point the Russians have the upper hand in dictating a solution. The Americans are playing on Russia’s playing field." --Fawaz Gerges, author of ISIS: A History.

The Exotic Observations & Propositions of Delirian Mundi

Leadership in an amoral world requires more pragmatism, less ideology and no sense of decency or humanity.

The only thing an amoral leadership can accomplish is to reproduce itself. Meanwhile, the path carved by moral leadership can have many pitfalls, but the few milestones reached along the way make all the difference.

Real Realists are not simply disillusioned idealists; they are self-loathing ones set on destroying the very ideals which they once upheld as well as the very people and events that remind them of them.

The worst conspirators are the ones who conspire against themselves first and foremost. Yet, they are these conspiracies against one’s own interests that often prove the most successful. People, then, are better at conspiring against themselves than against others.

A casual observer becomes an active participant after a certain period of in indeterminable length has elapsed, even if they continued to refrain from action. For this reason, those who do not want to participate in something should not observe it, not even casually. For observation is essentially participation.  

Hubris tends to fry the brains it infects, and to silence the consciences it so gently caresses. Hubris is how all victories end. This is why the wise avoid seeking victory, and opt for the establishment of a new balance between their competing interests.

The Delirica

Obama disses Trump over the size of the latter's hands

Loathe Thy BrotherAre Donald Trump and Barack Obama two examples of the same American affliction?” I have previously made a similar augment to the one made here by my friend Lee Smith.  

For an external observer like me, I see little difference between a man like Obama and his Realist advisers who build a mental wall between them and others, and a man like Donald Trump and his advisers, who want to transform this wall into a physical reality. That’s the essence of America’s growing credibility problem at this stage: both its left- and right- wing politicians seem equally amoral, arrogant and irresponsibly eager to walk away from America’s responsibilities.

Personally, however, I have long come to believe that the United States has a moral obligation to be more than be the “world’s most powerful bystander,” as Leon Wieseltier recently put it in reference to the issue of Syrian refugees.  

Indeed, to me, and to many around the world, the United States does have certain moral obligations when it comes to stopping and preventing mass slaughter, obligations that stem from her own cherished history, her own values and even her own interests. And while there will always be people from around the world who would blame America for acting, failing to act, or just for being there and being so powerful, there will are also be peoples who know very well that without America’s leadership, they may not be alive today—peoples like the Kosovars, the Bosnians, the Kurds of northern Iraq, and many others. This list of appreciative peoples could have included the Syrians, and could still include many of them, no matter how begrudgingly at this late stage.

Be that as it may, certain things need to be done because they are right in themselves, both for humanitarian and strategic reasons, and not because they will get you appreciation or save you from blame — little wisdom that one would have expected a man like Barack Obama, whose very rise to power comes as a fulfillment thereof, to understand deeply. Obama’s failure in this regard makes him, not simply imperfect or lacking, but disappointingly flawed and unappreciative of the very legacy that paved his path.

So yes, Syria is clearly Obama’s fault. His failure—and the failure of his Realist supporters—to see that and to own up to it, raises questions about the moral underpinnings of their worldview and their moral sense.

The Deliricon

A statue of Vladdie the Cullminator found in a
little corner near Moscow’s famous Red Square
The PoorPutin: In ancient Russian mythology, the PoorPutin is the name given to a corrupt and cruel autocrat who fends off challenges to his authority by rewarding loyalty and sycophancy among his immediate coterie, and masks his dark side and impulses through frequent and well-orchestrated public shows of joviality and bravado designed to endear him to the masses. The PoorPutin’s personality is so strong and dominant that he is often blamed as well for the evil acts committed by his coterie. It’s on account of this tendency that most deliriologists believe that the majority of Russian potentates described as PoorPutins suffer from a persecution complex, despite being the primary persecutors of their societies. According to the famous renaissance deliriologist, Phried Umbilico, the infamous Russian czar Vladdie the Cullminator was an “excellent example of a traditional PoorPutin, for although he had a tendency to fuck his daughters and eat his wives, he was generous to his friends – to a fault, in fact, as the recently leaked Klanama Papers reveal – and popularly known for his killer joviality.”

Not to be confused with the PurrPutin – a genus of wildcats known to inhabit the Siberian steppes where it survives by digging up and consuming what’s locally known as the Gulag Juice: a dark and rich soil derived from the decaying corpses of former dissidents and purged party leaders long buried in cold shallow graves where it is mixed with permafrost, animal dung, dead hopes and dream, and wasted human potential. According to Phried Umbilico, there is indeed a connection between PoorPutins and PurrPutins, which is why many people tend to confuse them. Almost every PoorPutin, Umbilico notes, is known to have been an avid collector and “domesticator,” if such thing is possible, of PurrPutins.

The Klanama Papers: A legal term used to refer to any set of documents that end up confirming what so many of us have long suspected regarding the shitty nature of the world and its inhabitants (Also see PoorPutin). 

The Shit Shat: A sex game that is quite popular within the ranks of the Shitty and Infamous, and is largely believed to be the main cause behind the malodorous aroma that usually surrounds shitlymen clubs, such as the Shitly Titly chain (Also see the Shitly Witly).

The LeoCons: A political movement dedicated to changing the world and achieving global peace by conning lions and convincing them of the benefits of becoming sheep. Culling is also employed in the case of “difficult” and “hard to convince” lions. The LeoCons are ardent critics of the Shitealists.

The Shitealists: A political movement dedicated to changing the world and achieving global peace by negotiating with the lions and joining them in fucking the sheep, in the hope that the more fucked up the sheep get the more sheepish they will become, thus, improving the chances of peacemaking. The Shitealists are the ideological enemies of the LeoCons

Banadora's Box: According to Arab mythology, Princess Banadora so loved that red sweet-sour fruit known to us as the Tomato that she gave her very name to it. She, then, built a magic box that can transform anything one puts in it into tomatoes, or banadoras. Unsurprisingly, ancient peoples tried to avoid storing their precious belongings in Banadora’s Box, except during time of drought and famine where the Box became their main lifeline. In modern times, the term is used to refer to bad investments, such as investing in hedge funds and buying bonds based on securities resulting from bundling subprime mortgages, or trusting a Realist President.

The Daily Delirynth

The Boar Trilogy – a sci-fi series set in the not-so-distant future when wild boars emerge as the dominant species on the planet. The series consist of “The Boars of Fukushima,” “The Pigs Shall Inherit the Earth” and “Call Me Porky.”

The Exotic & Inhumane – The Never-Changing Norm: Radioactive Boar Are Thriving And Causing Havoc Near The Fukushima Power Plant. “The animals show no immediate signs of harm from the radiation, however samples from Fukushima's wild boar meat has shown they contain 300 times the safe amount of the radioactive element caesium-137… Hunters have been offered rewards to cull the boars by local authorities. However, the animals are breeding so quickly they can’t keep up.

Here’s the Real Story Behind the Indonesian Singer Irma Bule, Who Died From a Cobra Bite. “…beyond the bizarre, sensational story, there is something sad and sobering about Irma’s tale. ‘Irma is a portrait of an Indonesian woman who happens to be at the lower level of society,’ Supriatma writes. ‘She fights hard. She exploits what she can exploit to go on living.’ She certainly doesn’t deserve to die amid a storm of lurid, tabloid headlines.

Starvation in Syria remains weapon of war despite partial ceasefireNGOs say less aid reaching besieged areas, with reports of new deaths by starvation and widespread malnutrition.

Atlas of Prejudice: The Complete Stereotype Map Collection

The Obscene, Triumphant: How the Kremlin Manipulates Europe’s Refugee CrisisRussian intelligence is detectable in the huge migration wave hitting Europe. What does this mean for Western security?”… “Not content with the actual level of crime among migrants, Russian media outlets have taken to inventing more of it.” … “A major concern is that the Kremlin has seeded the migrants with secret operatives who will be activated once they reach Europe.” The Assad regimes along with Iran, Hezbollah and the Islamic State have probably done the same.

Russian claims on Syria airstrikes 'inaccurate on grand scale', says reportOpen source investigation by Atlantic Council of where bombs fell found most attacks to be outside Isis-held territory.

How Noam Chomsky Betrayed the Syrian People. “Though Chomsky and the wider left might not appreciate this, the part they are playing in Syria’s counter-revolution is discrediting leftism. In this way, their actions are comparable to those “socialists” who destroyed the left for generations because of a blind loyalty to the nightmare of Stalinism. Sadly, the conservative, orientalist, and incoherent stance on Syria expressed by Chomsky and his supporters is symptomatic of a leftism that has no reason to exist beyond the narrow parameters of its own subculture.

Assad: Total Defiance. “Assad rejects the very basis of peace negotiations: political transition guided by a transitional governing body negotiated by mutual consent and exercising full executive power.

Iran Is Sending Its Student Zealot Militia To Fight In Syria And Iraq. “The exact date the Basij became involved in Syria is unclear, though Maj. Gen. Rahim Nowi-Agdam, the commander of the Basij, issued a call for volunteers in June, 2015.

We don't need to take lessons in democracy from Edward Snowden. “Like so many of today’s so-called "radicals", Snowden likes to pass judgement on the liberal democracies (talking truth to democratically elected power) while having precious little to say about the behaviour of its autocratic enemies. The British people don’t need to "rise up" against David Cameron because, unlike Edward Snowden’s benefactor, the PM leads a country which holds genuinely democratic elections.

Two ships passing in the night, by Brandan Reynolds

The Inspirational Still Not News-Worthy: Female chief in Malawi breaks up 850 child marriages and sends girls back to school. “In an area where girls are often married early to ease a family’s financial burden and where one in five girls in Malawi are victims of sexual abuse, Kachindamoto is also taking a stand against the cleansing camps where girls are routinely sent before marriage. The sexual initiation rites that take place there are extremely disturbing, particularly in a country where one in ten people has HIV.

The beautiful bond between WWII refugees and Syria’s displaced children. “CARE has received more than 1,000 “messages of hope” for Syrian refugees from the public as part of its broader letter-writing project, including ones from other former refugees or children of refugees.

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Refugee crisis: EU deportations to Turkey from Lesbos continue despite protests'A dark day for the Refugee Convention, a dark day for Europe and a dark day for humanity'

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