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Today’s Post is brought to you by…  Club Shit – A safe haven for all those illegally obtained funds of the Shitty and Infamous. In cooperation with The United Cullers of Humandom: the international consortium dedicated to keeping the human flock size in check through seemingly random acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing. The UCH are major stakeholders in Club Shit.

Quote of the Day

"This whole deal involves throwing human beings down legal loopholes," she said. "Turkey is not a safe country, and rights on paper are not the same as rights in practice." Judith Sunderland, acting deputy Europe director at Human Rights Watch, on EU’s plan to ship migrants back from Greece to Turkey.

The Deliricon  

Bellhops at the Shitly Witly are not hired for their
good looks (Source: Facebook)
The Shitly Witly: A financial one-stop shopping mall for the corrupt and authoritarian rulers and their families and friends, as well as for thieving entrepreneurs, terrorist groups, drug lords, human traffickers, and all other similarly honest representatives of our darkest human impulses. The mall features a variety of luxury stores run by major bank executives and major international law firms offering services that enable their psychopathic clientele to keep sleeping well at night, despite the hard work involved in the daily fleecing, skinning and occasional culling of the flock. The Shitly Witly is a limited liability incorporation owned by the United Cullers of Humandom. Other superstores also run by the UCH include: The Shitly Knitly, a designer superstore for the Shitty and Infamous, The Shitly Bitly, an electronics superstore, The Shitly Kitly, a designer drug store, The Shitly Hitly, your one-stop shop for the best hitmen with the shittiest morals, and The Shitly Titly – a shitlymen club.

The Delirica

A Confession in Honor of the World Autism Awareness Day. I, too, have autism. And I’m not ashamed to admit that. Mine is the high functioning variety also known as Asperger’s Syndrome, just like Beth Hyatt, the 13-year old girl who wrote the article “Let’s Talk About Autism.” Although not two autistics are alike, there are certain similarities between Beth and myself. Like her, I, too, suffered from a variety of physical symptoms associated with autism. For instance, I, too, couldn’t stand the labels on my shirts and blouses, and chose to tear them all off. For many years and until my late teens, I had occasions when I could hear the blood coursing through my veins, and it drove me crazy. I also had low tolerance for certain smells which seemed too pungent to me, even as others around me seemed to be unaware of them. For long I walked in a strange robotic way. And I suffered sensory overload in class. For many years, the only way I could handle this was to phase out and daydream. But, in time, I learned to focus intently on the teacher as an alternative. In college, I always sought to sit in the front row in order to make it easier for me to do so.

In time, most of these physical symptoms gradually disappeared: I rarely hear the sound of my own blood, and I don’t tear off my shirts’ labels anymore. But my isolationist tendencies and the awkward nature of my social interactions have returned with a vengeance. This is why I seldom leave home these days, and have drastically cut down on my media appearances, as many people have noticed. There is no way to shake this thing off. The solution is simply to seek the establishment of a new balance. This is currently happening, albeit all too slowly.

One final similarity between my case and Beth’s is that both of us seem to have chosen writing as our favorite mode of communications.

The Daily Delirynth

One of the apartments that were used by the ring

Human Trafficking: Lebanon dismantles its largest known sex trafficking ring, freeing 75 SyriansThe 75 rescued women were subjected to beatings, psychological and physical torture and forced to perform sexual acts.” The story may not have received attention in international media, but it could have dangerous implications that go beyond its criminal nature. Reports in Arabic media, where the story naturally received more coverage, indicate has was that the ring was founded a couple of years prior to the onset of the Syrian Revolution. A doctor that was involved in the ring, admitted to have performed over 200 abortions on the women during his “tenure.” Major sex trafficking rings began appearing in both Syria and Lebanon in the late 1990s, and there were always connected somehow, and often run by security officers from both countries, with high level connections. Contrary to previous such rings, the main clientele was not exclusively made of visiting Gulf tourists, but were mostly aimed at serving the needs of the local political and entrepreneurial elite. A downturn in this phenomenon seems to have taken place between 2005 and 2008 coinciding interestingly enough with the sanctions and diplomatic isolation imposed on Syria following the assassination of Rafic Al-Hariri. Momentum began building up again soon after France’s Sarkozy, and later President Obama, welcomed Assad back from the cold. The Revolution, the crackdown and the ensuing refugee crisis put the phenomenon on hyper drive. It’s doubtful that the current investigation in Lebanon would go high up the ladder at this stage, unless the whole point of it was to target particular officials in the establishment. If so, then, the show is just starting. More details in Arabic here.

President “Nixing” at the Nuclear Security Summit – he may not be a crook but he is certainly a hypocrite.

Obama: Vast parts of the world off-limits for nukes. --"No terrorist group has yet succeeded in getting their hands on a nuclear device. Our work here will help ensure that we're doing everything possible to prevent that," Obama said. "This is a threat to us all." – So, President Obama is now quite concerned about the possibility of seeing groups like IS “securing nuclear materials." This “JV team” of terrorist groups that emerged within the context of the “contained conflict” in Syria, the country where the United States has “no strategic interests” is now emerging as the most dangerous terrorist group of all, the one that might one day detonate a dirty bomb somewhere somehow in the not-so-distant future. Yet, the man who nixed the CIA plan for removing Assad and putting an end to his war against his people back in 2012 is too busy being “proud” of his decision-making to see any link between his failure then, and the terrorist attacks that took place in Paris and Brussels, not to mention the growing prospects of a nuclear terrorist attack today.

The White House and CIA leaders "had made it clear from the beginning that the goal of our task force was to find ways to remove President Assad from office," Laux complained. "We had come up with 50 good options to facilitate that. My ops plan laid them out in black and white. But political leadership…hadn't given us the go-ahead to implement a single one."
The Panama Papers: how the world’s rich and famous hide their money offshoreGuardian analysis of leaked papers will show how influential people including heads of government have exploited tax havens.” And Mossack Fonseca, a name worthy of a Bond villain, is just one such a law firm. Still, the incident reveals that the problem of the current global order, does not lie with one particular government and one particular region, as we are so often told, that the problem we are facing today is not all America’s and the West’s fault, rather, this is a truly global problem that involves figures, governments, groups and corporations from all over the world. The global system as it stands at this stage does not allow for the kind of transparency that can prevent such behavior by the world’s political and financial elite. Fixing this “little” issue, however, is directly tied to the fortunes of prodemocracy movements in countries belonging to the “Axis of Resistance to American and Western Imperialism.” Why? Because freedoms of expression, of the press and of assembly, among other basic freedoms, are not allowed there. Nor is there a truly independent judiciary. Is it surprising then that all these leaks happen courtesy of Western media? And of course, the leaks could not but feature the Assad family.   

The Other Cauldron: 'No solution in sight' in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflictFighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the Nagorno-Karabakh region has resumed. Caucasus expert Uwe Halbach dates the territorial conflict back to the Soviet Union era.” As this conflict resurfaces, probably by way of a prelude to the implosion of the Caucasus and Central Asia, the role of nationalism will be more visible here than that of religion. After all, Iran supports Armenia, with tis Orthodox Christian majority, against Azerbaijan, a majority Shia state. But the Azeris are a different national group than Persians, and there is a sizable Azeri population in Iran whose separatist tendencies, though far from pronounced, still give Iranian Persian Mullahs ample reason to be apprehensive. For their part, the Azeris are supported by the Turks who consider them Turkic in origins, and who still hate Armenians.  

The Assadisis Syndrome: A Jewel in Syria Where ‘Ruins Have Been Ruined’ by ISISA Times photographer traveled to Palmyra, Syria, to see what remained of its archaeological treasures after almost a year of Islamic State control.” The problem with this narrative that emerged about Palmyra is that it ignores the contribution of the Assad regime itself to the process of destroying Palmyrene antiquities, and of Syrian antiquities in general. But the French Archeologist Annie Sartre-Fauriat who made a 40-year old career of studying the ruins of Palmyra wants to remind us of the ongoing destructive synergies between the Assad regime and ISIS, the same synergy used to combat moderate rebels. Judging by the limited coverage she’s having, the world is not interested. In addition to quotes in the above article in French, this Arabic coverage refers to her interview on a German radio as well. Her information are based not only on her expertise but on her contacts in the Syrian archeological scene, contacts that give her hourly updates on the ongoing situation. Sartre-Fauriat believes that “Bashar Al-Assad lies every time he opens his mouth,” and that his troops have been as responsible as ISIS for the destruction and pillaging of the antiquities in Palmyra and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, and as the internatioal press keep focusing of Assad’s alleged ISIS’s victories, victories which would never have been possible had it not been for Russian airstrikes, and Iran’s support, the rebels have also been making victories of their own again both ISIS and the regime in Aleppo:

Syria rebels near ISIS stronghold in N. AleppoOpposition groups have pushed back the extremist group along the Syrian-Turkish border.” And Three senior Iranian officers killed in confrontations with Syrian rebels in Aleppo.

Refugenics: Here’s What Canadian Winter Looks Like Through The Eyes Of A Syrian RefugeeHani Al Moulia and his family arrived in Regina from a refugee camp. They just experienced their first Canadian winter.

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