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Livor Mortis

DDGD November 7, 2015

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Sources say the Awaited Mahdi was recently sighted in a coffee shop in Old Damascus. His Awaited Holiness was reportedly sporting a big white turban, a long black beard, red shirt and stonewashed denim. By all accounts, he looked extremely pale and haggard, “as though he was awake for a thousand and one years,” as one observer put it. Indeed, by all means, it seems that Livor Mortis is back in style, as legions of zombies continue to pour into the country killing their way in and through in search of that illusive peace.

The Daily Delirynth

Milk & Honey, with a dash of garlic: Hussein Ibish: The Tragedy of the Palestinians. Hear ye, Hear ye. “The greatest tragedy is that to the youths who are lashing out, the fact that they do so in vain, or are even engaged in a self-defeating project, is almost certainly virtually irrelevant. The psychic logic articulated by Fanon trumps these irrefutable arguments, especially for a new generation of youngsters in East Jerusalem, surrounded and totally suffocated by the occupation. This is a nihilistic moment in which individualized violence against random Israelis as a form of self-assertion becomes more important than the reality that such actions are not only politically and morally indefensible, but also counterproductive to anything constructive.”

Mustard Agent Was Used in Syria Attack, Monitoring Agency Says “U.S. believes Assad regime failed to destroy all of its chemical weapon stockpiles.” The price of appeasement, cowardice, cynical realism and letting dictators get away behaving with such impunity as Assad’s. Not only did the Assad regime lie about compliance, some rebel groups have now discovered that they too can get away with it. That is, the behavior that needed to be combatted was instead reinforced and further promoted.  

Nouriel Roubini: Europe’s Politics of Dystopia. “All are variations on the same discordant theme: a nationalist leader comes to power when economic malaise gives way to chronic and secular stagnation. This elected authoritarian then starts to reduce political freedoms through tight-fisted control of the media, especially television. Then, he (so far, it has always been a man, though France’s Marine Le Pen would fit the pattern should she ever come to power) pursues an agenda opposing the European Union (when the country is a member) or other institutions of supra-national governance… Failure to act decisively now will lead to the eventual failure of the peaceful, integrated, globalized, supra-national state that is the EU, and the rise of dystopian nationalist regimes.” This return of ultra-national xenophobic ethos to European politics is pretty troubling, especially because it comes accompanied by an American retrenchment.  

The Holy Puremlin: Anders Fogh Rasmussen: The Kremlin’s Tragic Miscalculation. Dictators have a confrontational mindset and they will always see any alliance on their borders as threatening and as an encroachment on their turf. The fact that so many Western officials and policy advisers spoke of the need to contain Russia only reinforces this attitude. The fact that such statements only come as part of an open democratic debate, and that they do not necessarily constitute actual or lasting policies, mean little to them, because their mindset has been formed in a traditional authoritarian framework with strong anti-Western bias.

Peek-a-Pu: What’s the big deal between Russia and the Saudis? So, Russia Today, the Kremlin’s propaganda machine whose co-founder was just found dead in his hotel room in Washington DC, wants us to believe that relations with the Saudis are heading in the “right” direction. The message to the U.S. being: we are replacing you on all fronts.

Pumania: Russian court reverses ruling recognizing parts of Qur’an as “extremist.” “Russian President Vladimir Putin drafted a set of amendments to the 2002 Law on Countering Terrorism that classify all holy books and sacred texts from Russia’s four established religions as exempt from any probes for extremism. ‘Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism are an inseparable part of the historic legacy of the peoples who inhabit Russia. Thus the Bible, Koran, Tanakh and Kangyur, their contents and their quotes cannot be classed as extremist materials,” reads the explanatory note attached to the bill.’” A move designed to make Russian presence in Muslim lands far beyond its traditional imperial estate more acceptable at least on the long run.  

The saga of a potential terrorist attack continues as “Russian Plane's Black Boxes Point To Midair Bomb Attack,” and a new twist added in the form of a potential evacuation of over 80,000 Russian expats currently residing in Egypt. Meanwhile, the never ending killing routine in Syria contuse unabated with  
Russian air strikes killing 23 civilians in Syria's rebel-held Douma. So, all of you out there interested in acquiring Russian fighters, by all means do so, here is a testimonial published in RT on how in love Assad’s pilots are with their Russian-made killing toys. Perhaps that’s why Russia is bombing your town of Kafranbel, dear Raed Fares. Just as Pu Bear’s larger strategic ambitions, and his own machoism, will prevent him from weakening his stance in Syria. In fact, he just upped the ante by hinting at possible intervention in Libya and Yemen. Before we dismiss as mere grandstanding and saber-rattling, if Putin’s immediate goal, his rhetoric notwithstanding, is to create small defensible enclaves and military bases rather than returning peace and stability to these beleaguered and abandoned countries, then, the opportunity is there, and he might just take it, creating bigger and bigger headaches for all those powers interested in the free flow of oil and natural gas. Naturally, the casus belli will be to combat the spread of Al-Qaeda and IS/Daesh.

Russian presence in Syria is proving to be a headache for Israeli as well, as it allows for Iran and Hezbollah to get close to another Israeli border, and complicated Israeli intelligence gathering operations and covert strikes in Syria.

Iranian Airline Violates Terms Of Nuclear Deal By Purchasing Planes To Use In Syrian War. “One of Iran’s commercial airlines last week bought a U.K.-manufactured jet with the aim of using it to deliver Iranian soldiers and weapons to Syria in support of the embattled regime of President Bashar Assad, International Business Times have learned. The purchase of the aircraft by an Iranian concern represents a clear violation of the deal brokered by the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama, under which Iran pledged to scale back its nuclear program in exchange for a lifting of sanctions, said senior American officials and attorneys who handle issues associated with sanctions compliance.” Well, if the Assad regime can get away with violating the terms of his agreement to hand over its chemical stockpiles, why not Iran? After all, when you’re foolish enough to trust some people, the only thing you can get to verify is their repeated violations of your trust.

ISIS on the move in Syria, threatens Christian town of Sadad. And for all the bluster of all parties duking it out in Syria, everybody’s favorite existential enemy, the raison d’être of all these international alliances standing in solidarity with that segment or the other of the Syrian people, IS/Daesh continues to advance in the land threatening new communities. Cui bono? Cuiusvis hominis est errare, nullius nisi insipientis in errore perseverare.

Syria's Silent War Crime: Systematic Mass Rape “Evidence is piling up that the Damascus regime has used rape - of daughters in front of fathers, wives in front of husbands - as a targeted weapon.” And that’s the regime the Russians and the realists want to preserve. That’s the alleged lesser evil.

The Secret Pentagon Push for Lethal Cyber Weapons. War on all fronts, with a macabre dystopian twist.

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We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light. --Plato

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