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The Yahu Moment

Lamar, 5, in Horgos, Serbia
DDGD – October 22, 2015

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Editorial Comment

The DDGD Glossary

The Benjamin Netanyahu Disease (AKA the BENNET Syndrome): a new virulent variety of an old disease caused by a viral infection currently thriving in the Middle East. It’s characterized by having too much hate in one’s heart that it ends up frying one’s brain, turning one into a veritable psychopathic “Yahu.” Scientists also refer to indifference and cynicism as being major contributing factors in the spread of the disease.

Example: Following the recent statements by Israeli Prime Benjamin Netanyahu in which he accused the Grand Mufti of Palestine of encouraging Hitler to exterminate the Jews, a statement belied by Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, not to mention historical facts, medical scientists unanimously concluded that, by acting like such a “Yahu,” the Israeli PM seems to have contracted a new virulent variety of an old regional virus that turns people into raving loons.

Appropriately enough, the scientists decided to name this new strain of the virus and the new variant of the disease after Mr. Netanyahu, hence their reference to the Yahu Virus and the Benjamin Netanyahu Disease or the BENNET Syndrome. Sources at the CDC speak of genuine concerns that the new disease could soon become a global pandemic. In this regard, sources within the CDC refer to the existence of so many carriers of the Yahu Virus both in the Middle East and on the global stage.

“At any given moment,” said one CDC source speaking on conditions of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the information he is providing, “the hate in the heart of a potential carrier could rise to a level that allows for the revival of the dormant strain which, considering the prevailing geopolitical conditions throughout the world, is likely to metastasize into the virulent variety currently observed in Mr. Netanyahu, thus, spreading the disease by a process of psychological osmosis.”

Indeed, psychological osmosis “has always been the primary conduit for spreading the Yahu Virus,” the source added, and the current geopolitical conditions which already show near catastrophic levels of indifference and cynicism, are bringing us ever closer to the “Yahu Moment,” that is, the point in time when the quantity of hateful figures, aka Yahu Agents, on the global scene reaches a certain tipping point allowing them to plunge the world into mayhem of apocalyptical proportions.

Yes, Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, is an odious figure, his motives for choosing to become a Nazi stooge notwithstanding, and the fact that many Palestinians still celebrate him out of spite is no less odious. But what is Netanyahu trying to suggest here? That all Palestinians who lived since Husseini’s times are complicit in the Holocaust? As ethicists and legal scholars will surely argue, guilt by association, collective punishment, and children made to bear the sins of the fathers are all evil practices. In fact, throughout their history, the Jews have repeatedly fallen victims to them. Are we just going to endlessly maintain the cycle of abuse. Lucky for us, most Israelis, and Jews from around the world, rushed to denounce Netanyahu’s statement and correct the historical record, even though they might represent an accepted wisdom in certain circles. Hopefully, the Palestinians will soon learn to see people like Amin Al-Husseini for the evil charlatans that they were.

Briefly Noted

*** Announcement ***

Tired of the political establishment screwing us all the time? Then vote for Souraya Faas for President. Souraya is running as an Independent Candidate for the 2016 Election. She is originally from Aleppo, Syria

How to strip one naked to the soul in few heart wrenching images: Powerful Images Showing Where Young Syrian Refugees Sleep.

ISIS defector: Father Paolo still alive. If true, that will be one of the best news to come out of Syria in what seems like an eternity.

Four Syrian hospitals bombed since Russian airstrikes began, doctors say. It’s part of Mr. Putin’s ongoing effort to combat the terror of disease.

Iran attacking Syria rebels with explosive drones. I guess if you want to be mass murderers in this day and age, might as well be trendy about it, and follow the latest craze.

Isis Inc.: Syria’s ‘mafia-style’ gas deals with Jihadis. Mafia comparisons have been used to describe the Assad regime and its dealings since long before Bashar Al-Assad took office, and only increased in frequency after he did. Yet, despite all this, so many leaders on the global stage were willing to describe him as a reformer from former French President Jacques Chirac, whose move seems to have come in the same spirit that propelled the Nobel Prize committee to grants its award to a newbie President Obama, to Hillary Clinton shortly before the breakout of the Syrian Revolution, and the beginning at earnest of Assad’s criminal enterprise against the Syrian people. Be that as it may, in reality, there is nothing surprising about this connection between Assad and Isis; psychopaths always find ways to collaborate, and benefit from each other’s particular sets of skills. Organized Crimes, Terrorist Groups, Autocratic Regimes… different names, same sick motives. Indeed, perhaps, this is why Putin made Assad an offer he can’t refuse.

Looters on the Storm: The Islamic State isn’t the only group looting Syrian archaeological sites. Long before the Islamic State and rebel groups, long before the revolution even, the regime was the biggest looters, and the late Bassel Al-Assad, at one point the heir apparent to his father’s presidential throne, was renowned for it. 

Iran Basij force commander killed in Syria: Nader Hamid sustained critical wounds fighting in Quneitra. One wonders if incurring such casualties has any reverberations inside the ruling establishment in Iran. Countries like Iran might have a high tolerance for such occurrences when the battle is one of defending the homeland, but when the struggle is taking far away, would it still be viewed in the same light? Considering the involvement of sectarian even millenarian sentiments on all levels, the likely answer is a resounding yes. But one does wonder.

Sword-Wielding Man Kills 2, Injures Others At Swedish School. I know it’s perverse, but I also know that I am not the only one to feel a sense of relief each time a story like this breaks out and the culprit turns out to be a non-Muslim. But this is the corner into which our autocrats, our unenlightened clerics, our myriad charlatan moderates and reformers shoved us into. It’s a dark place indeed, and for that I am sorry. My condolences to all affected.

*** Reply to a Casual Comment ***

And which socialist country, I pray, is fighting for peace and humanity? Ideological states and movements are not interested in peace and humanity, but in hegemony and ideological purity. Let's not equate capitalism with all that is bad, and socialism with all that is good, because both are equally fucked up. The reason that people respond vehemently to someone's death when the killers are Israelis and remain quite or fall into a justification mode when the killer is someone who belongs to their ideological camp smacks of deeply held prejudice.

*** Innocent Wonderings ***

I was just wondering: how long does it take before the effects of polonium begin to show? Asking for a frenemy.

Briefly Quoted

Ammar Abdulhamid, a Syrian pro-democracy activist currently living in the United States, tells VOA his contacts in Syria confirm civilian casualties from Russian airstrikes.

"The Russians have much more tolerance when it comes to 'collateral damage' than the U.S.," Abdulhamid said, referring to the U.S.-led campaign of airstrikes targeting mainly the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq.

Russia has been criticized for aiming most of its bombs at rebel groups other than the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, despite initially saying the extremist group would be a main focus.

Abdulhamid says that by targeting non-Islamist rebels, Russia has likely killed more civilians.

"Rebels are not like ISIS, they are often members of the local communities, and are taking an active part in administering these areas.  As such, they are heavily intermixed with the civilian population," he explains.

The Surreal Adventures of Pu Bear

Showdown in Vienna

U.S., Russia to Meet at Syria Conference to Discuss Crisis. And what discussion it’s going to be, with one side’s favorite fallback position is to keep on conceding and retreating and retrenching (can you guess what side?), and the other, to keep on charging like a bull in Pamplona. It’s no wonder that both sides will end falling into the abyss, and dragging us all along for the ride, since we all seem to be hanging to their coattails.

Meanwhile, and despite the fact that a Saudi countermove in Syria does carry certain risks, the Saudis seem intent on removing Assad, and so the risks might be worth it for them.

Meanwhile, Iran just sent its own message to Assad through its Deputy Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, who in statements to the Guardian noted:

"We are not working for Assad to stay in power forever as president. But we are very cognisant of his role in the fight against terrorism and the national unity of that country. "The people of Syria will make the final decision – and whatever decision they take, we will endorse."

The last sentence indicates that Iran, just as Russia, plans for some sort of elections in which Assad can run, but he might be expected to lose.

Islam on the Rocks

America Unmosqued

Mosques in America have always revealed the inherent problems, if not lies, contained within the concept of Ummah. Even Jihadists who end up going to countries far from their own to defend “the interests of the Ummah,” so to speak, often exhibit racial and national bias in their mutual interactions, which is one of the main reason for their fractious politics and inability to build large armies and effective political organizations. Even the famous Muslim Brotherhood, with their various branches and affiliates, and ties, hidden and overt, to a number of nonprofits all over the world are not immune to this trend.

Rather than serving as places for successful integrations and community building, mosques are turning into centers for alienation, desegregation and, in some case, radicalization.

But what’s true about mosques is far from being true when it comes to America’s Muslim communities who were well-integrated, well-adjusted, successful, accepting and not simply tolerant, and where young people, especially second generation Muslims are struggling to modernize their understanding of traditional doctrines in a variety of ways. The Atlantic’s “All or nothing is not good for the Muslim community in America,” gives us a glimpse of that.

One sore point for many Muslims though is that they cannot have any of their Eids declared as a national holiday. But the problem here is the Muslim reliance on the lunar calendar, which means that religious holiday come 11 days earlier every year and announcing them is often subject to political considerations. You cannot expect the American government to be caught up in this.

The most logical alternative here is to lobby for the adoption of a particular day that may not have a direct religious significance, but is of positive relevance to the Muslims experience in the United States, then, lobby for it to be declared a holiday to celebrate Muslims and their ongoing contributions to American culture. For those wondering: what contributions? That is exactly the point behind having such a day, because Muslims have been contributions to American for decades now, and no one is paying attention. It’s about time everyone did.

Shhh! Behind the Scenes 

Kremlin’s Chief of Staff Sergey Ivanov has suggested the possible deal.

"Egypt plans to buy Mistrals from France, and Russia would be…a sub-contractor that will provide these Mistrals with the necessary equipment. Without this hardware the Mistral, excuse me, is just a tin can”, Ivanov said. He added that the deal would include helicopters, which together with other equipment amounts to more than $1 billion.

Quote of the Day

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. -- Marcus Aurelius

Tweets of the Day
The No-Fly Zone: Comments, statements & policies that just make no sense (i.e. they don’t fly)

Rubio: Rand’s Syria comments ‘misreading’ history. Indeed, Rubio was right in calling Rand out on this. Rand has the right to oppose intervention, but not to rewrite history.

Rubio said in response to Rand’s comments that Ronald Reagan avoided war with Russia by not drawing red lines, “that’s a fundamental misreading of history. I mean, we most certainly airlifted supplies into Berlin when they created a blockade. We most certainly supported all kinds of groups around the world that were taking on the spread of Communism. I would further add that in the absence of that in the Middle East, what you’re going to continue to see is migratory pressures on our allies, and ultimately into Europe. You’re going to continue to see the spread of Russian influence. You’re going to continue to see the growth of ISIS. And so, eventually, all that will come to us.”

Video(s) of the Day

In this video, the well-known neo-anarchist ideologue, Noam Chomsky, says that he doesn’t believe that Russian intervention in Syria constitutes an act of imperialism, since the Russians were invited by the Assad regime! Of course, Professor Chomsky does not deny that Bashar al-Assad is a monster, indeed, he has condemned him as such before. The point that Professor Chomsky seems to be making here is of a more technical procedural nature, than a moral one. With that conclusion, the international left could be said to have gone totally bunkers, technically speaking of course:

Artistic Delirium

By the late Syrian painter Naseer Shoueiri


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